YESI Knowledge Exchange and Discipline Hopping Fellows Call 2023-2024 now open!

News | Posted on Tuesday 31 October 2023

University of York’s YESI Announces Funding Opportunities for Environmental Sustainability Research

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In a significant step towards fostering interdisciplinary collaboration and advancing environmental sustainability research, the York Environmental Sustainability Institute (YESI) has officially opened applications for its YESI Fellows Knowledge Exchange and Discipline Hopping schemes for the academic year 2023-2024. The schemes are made possible through investment from the University’s Environmental Sustainability at York (ESAY) initiative.

Knowledge Exchange Scheme: 

The Knowledge Exchange scheme invites teams of researchers to engage in impactful knowledge exchange activities with end users in the field of environmental sustainability. These activities are expected to closely align with one or more of YESI’s core themes: Environment & Health, Resilient Ecosystems, and Food, Water & Waste. The funding aims to facilitate collaborations between researchers and stakeholders, fostering a dynamic exchange of ideas and expertise crucial for addressing environmental challenges.

Discipline Hopping Scheme:

Under the Discipline Hopping scheme, multidisciplinary teams of researchers will collaborate to explore innovative synergies and avenues of inquiry that enhance interdisciplinary cooperation around environmental science challenges. This scheme encourages partnerships spanning diverse fields, including arts, humanities, social sciences, engineering, technology, and medical sciences. By encouraging researchers to venture beyond their traditional disciplinary boundaries, YESI aims to support groundbreaking research initiatives that encompass a wide spectrum of expertise.

Prof Lindsay Stringer, Director of YESI, expressed her excitement about the initiatives, saying,

"We are thrilled to launch the next phase of the YESI Fellows Knowledge Exchange and Discipline Hopping schemes. This represents a significant step forward in our commitment to promoting interdisciplinary research and engaging with the community to tackle environmental challenges effectively."

The ESAY initiative has been instrumental in supporting environmental sustainability efforts at the University of York. Its investment in the YESI Fellows scheme demonstrates a continued dedication to advancing sustainable practices and solutions.

Deadline for Applicants

Researchers and scholars interested in contributing their expertise and participating in these exciting schemes are encouraged to submit their applications. The YESI Fellows scheme not only provides an excellent platform for meaningful collaboration but also offers essential support for those seeking to make a real-world impact through their environmental research.

The call for YESI Fellows is now open, and colleagues are invited to apply to be part of this transformative initiative. The potential for groundbreaking research and innovation in the field of environmental sustainability is on the horizon, thanks to the YESI Knowledge Exchange and Discipline Hopping schemes for 2023-2024.

If you are interested in applying for either of these schemes, please read the call guidelines documents for further information.

Please contact YESI Director if you want to talk through an idea, or for any queries regarding the application process.

About YESI

The York Environmental Sustainability Institute (YESI) is the University of York's pioneering research institute dedicated to addressing pressing global challenges related to environmental sustainability. YESI promotes interdisciplinary research and knowledge exchange to develop innovative solutions that positively impact the environment and society.