Our networks bring together the breadth of expertise across departments at the University of York to build innovative collaborations, develop new interdisciplinary research directions and bid for funding opportunities.

Waste and Resource Use Network

Lead: Professor James Chong 
Department of Biology

The Waste and Resource Use Network (WRUN) explores all types of waste streams and is working closely with businesses and Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) to develop solutions to minimise waste.

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Tropical Ecosystems Network

Lead: Professor Rob Marchant
Department of Environment and Geography

The Tropical Ecosystem Network seeks to understand tropical environments focussing on themes such as resilience, ecological restoration and protected areas.

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Climate Change Network

Lead: Professor Kevin Cowtan
Department of Chemistry

The Climate Change Network investigates a range of issues relating to our changing climate, including how we can break the barriers to social and political action on climate change.

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Sub-network: Wasteshed Network

The Wasteshed Network works with refugee and host communities on issues of ‘wasteshed’ scale waste management, WASH and sustainable livelihoods.

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Our networks work closely with other research networks across the University to share learning and maximise collaboration. We are connected with: