We face global challenges that threaten ourselves and our planet. Feeding a growing population and coping with the effects of climate change, while protecting biodiversity and the services it provides, requires innovation, cooperation between diverse stakeholders and a willingness to cross the boundaries between academic disciplines.

I'm delighted to be taking on this role and look forward to catalysing new and exciting interdisciplinary environmental sustainability research across campus, as well as collaborating with external partners in both the UK and overseas.

Professor Lindsay Stringer, YESI Director

Who We Are

York Environmental Sustainability Institute (YESI) was set up by the University of York to facilitate and deliver interdisciplinary research in environmental sustainability.

We harness the talents of world class researchers to generate the evidence for sustainable solutions to global challenges, focusing on three key research themes:

Our approach is based on partnerships between the Arts and Humanities, Sciences and Social Sciences, generating impacts at local, regional and global scales. 

Our Objectives

YESI Icons: Collaborate, Support, Faciliate, Nurture & Enhance
  • Facilitate interdisciplinary research on environmental sustainability across the arts & humanities, sciences and social sciences;
  • Collaborate with stakeholders to co-develop research;
  • Support knowledge mobilisation and translation;
  • Nurture research leaders in environmental sustainability;
  • Enhance the profile, impact and influence of UoY environmental sustainability research.


We maintain an inclusive and compassionate approach to deliver interdisciplinary collaborations and research excellence.

University of York research

YESI supports the University's research strategy. We work closely with other University initiatives on environmental sustainability.