Co-lead: Dr Stephanie Piper                                                         Department of Archaeology

Co-Lead: Dr Oliver Andrews                                                      Department of Environment and Geography

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The Marine & Coastal Environments, Ecosystems & People Research network are interested in all aspects of the sea and coast. Our work spans disciplines, time and geographic scales. We're particularly interested in all types of change, management, and the relationships people had, have and will have with these environments. 

Over 775 million people depend directly on the marine environment, yet our seas and coastlines are sites of rapid change. With this network we aim to bring together researchers from across the University of York to better understand marine and coastal ecosystems, environments and the (human) communities connected to them. From the past to the present, we’re interested in all aspects of change in these environments and places, how people interact and depend on them and what managing these areas for the future could look like. Our expertise spans disciplines and departments and in addition to our research themes, we are interested in developing novel interdisciplinary methods and ways of working. 

Network Themes

The following is a summary of the different research themes that we already work in or identify as current and upcoming hot topics. There’s a strong temporal dimension to these research themes i.e. people working under the same theme but looking at it at different time scales, and a lot of overlap i.e. people working on two or more themes in the same project. These research themes also cover a variety of environments (coastal, marine, islands).

  1. Human interactions and dependency on marine and coastal spaces: this includes things like ecosystem services, valorisation of marine products, connections to wellbeing, blue carbon, past and present uses of marine resources, cultural connections, artistic work etc.
  2. Managing human interactions with marine and coastal spaces: this includes things like conservation, restoration, regulation and governance, trade, management, sustainability, transformation, reconciling conflicts, subsidies etc. 
  3. ChangeUnderstanding change (e.g. sea-level change, ecosystem changes, extinction and speciation, perceptions of change etc.). Identifying drivers of change (e.g. culture, seismological events, changing consumer / market preferences etc.). Adaptation and responses to change: Human dimensions of responses to change, past and present (e.g. capacity to respond to change, climate change adaptation, disaster risk reduction, vulnerability, social justice and (in)equalities, coastal resilience, climate mitigation, governance of novel threats etc.). Environmental and ecological dimensions of change, past and present (e.g. impacts on marine resources, how ecosystems respond to human uses, marine responses to environmental change etc.)
  4. Research, impact and communication: this includes things like connecting research impacts to communities and governments; using acoustics to connect people with the ocean; working with diverse, sometimes conflicting stakeholders; asking if research and management are suitable and adaptable to the complexity of issues facing coastal areas; system change in knowledge systems; dealing with rapid environmental policy change (e.g. Brexit, COP26 commitments etc); questions on how to support change (e.g. financing) etc.
  5. Developing novel approaches, working across different disciplines and methods: this includes things like integrating across different data types, disciplines, existing projects; use of different methods; comparison between marine and terrestrial systems; bridging complexity and simplicity etc.

If you’re a student or researcher at York, please join the network and/or follow our work on Twitter @UniYorkMarine.




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Dr Michelle Alexander, Head of Department

Claire Boardman, PhD Researcher

Professor Oliver Craig, Professor of Archaeological Science, Deputy Head of Department

Bea Hardwidge, Undergraduate Student

Dr Niklas Hausmann, Research Associate

Christopher Hoyle, Student

Dr Stepanie Piper, Associate Lecturer in Archaeology

Raveena Tamoria, Research Student


Dr Tadhg Carroll, Research Associate

Dr Katie Davis, Lecturer in Palaeobiology

Dr Inês Martins, Fellow in Anthropocene Biodiversity and Societal Change

Dr Kelly Redeker, Lecturer

Dr Thierry Tonon, CNAP ART Lecturer in Algal Biology, Centre for Novel Agricultural Products (CNAP)


Dr Rosie Chance, Research Fellow

Dr Martina Conti, Postdoctoral Research Associate

Ellie Nelson, PhD Student

Professor Kirsty Penkman, Analytical and Environmental Geochemistry, Biomolecular Archaeology, Member of BioArCh group

Dr. Tom Webb, Postdoctoral Research Associate in Climate Data Analysis

Economics and Related Studies

Lluis Puig Gonzalez, Phd Student

Environment and Geography

Oliver Andrews, Senior Lecturer

Elaine AzzopardiResearch Associate in Ecosystem and Culture Interrelations

Katherine Brookfield, Senior Lecturer

Professor Ioan Fazey, Professor of Social Dimensions of Environment and Change

Ed Garrett, Research Group Leader

Professor Roland Gehrels, Professor and Head of Department

Anna Gilbert, PhD Student

Dr Jonathan Green, Researcher Associate and member of SEI-Y

Widya Hapsari, Research Student

Dr Fiona Hibbert, Research Assistant

Dr Jon Hill, Senior Lecturer

Dr Ella Howes, Postdoctoral Research Associate

Dr Paul Hudson, Lecturer

Dr Sarah Knight, ESRC Postdoctoral Fellow

Katie Lee, Research Student

Lucy McMahon, PhD Student

Oliver Moore, Lecturer of Environmental Sciences

Bethan O'Leary, Honorary Fellow

Laura Robinson, Professor of Oceans, Climate and Society

Dr Alberto Roca Florido, Research Fellow

Dr Katherine Selby, Senior Lecturer in Quaternary Science and Physical Geography

Dr Bryce Stewart, Senior Lecturer

Dr Simon Thomas, Post Doctoral Research Fellow

Dr Julia Touza, Reader

Health Sciences

Dr Amy Barnes, Senior Research Fellow

 Dr Papiya Mazumdar, Research Fellow (former)


Professor Henrice Altink

Interdisciplinary Global Development Centre (IGDC)

Professor Henrice Altink

IT Services

Jess Tate, IT Support Specialist

Leverhulme Centre for Anthropocene Biodiversity

Dr Tadhg Carroll, Postdoctoral Research Associate


Dr Gustav Delius

Professor Richard Law

Kennedy Osuka Edeye, Research Associate

Professor Jon Pitchford


Professor Tony Heron

School of Arts and Creative Technologies 

Dr Cobi Van Tonder

School for Business and Society

Juan Candia, PhD Student

School of Physics, Engineering and Technology

Benjamin Henson, Research Associate

Professor Paul Mitchell

Dr Nils Morozs, Research Associate

Stockholm Environment Institute - York

Dr Raeni Raeni, Research Associate

Wolfson Atmospheric Chemistry Laboratories (WACL)

Dr Rosie Chance, Research Fellow

Matthew Jones, Research Associate

York Law School

Dr Alex Green


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YESI Objectives