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Ed Garrett
Research Group Leader



Ed’s research investigates sea-level change, earthquakes and tsunamis, with a particular focus on using sedimentary and microfossil records to investigate the rates, magnitudes, timing and impacts of these processes. Before joining York, Ed held positions at the Geological Survey of Belgium and Durham University, where he worked on projects looking for evidence of the largest subduction zone earthquakes (and their consequent tsunamis) in Chile, Alaska and Japan.

At York, Ed is working with Professor Roland Gehrels on a range of projects mainly looking at Holocene sea-level changes. These projects aim to enhance the use of salt-marsh sediments for reconstructing pre-instrumental changes in relative sea level. Reconstructions of past changes provide important geological underpinning for projections of future sea-level rise.

Ed is currently the leader of the Environmental Change Through Time research group. 

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Ed Garrett
Research Group Leader
Department of Environment & Geography
University of York
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