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Kennedy Osuka Edeye



I am a fish ecologist and fisheries scientist keen to understand the interactions between marine habitats, fish communities and humans.  I have great interest in fisheries research, coral reef resilience, management and conservation and keen to make contributions to policies on small-scale fisheries.

My PhD research at the Department of Environment and Geography University of York, involved gathering secondary fish data and analysing them using size spectra approach and conducting in-situ collection of habitat and fish data in the shallow (0-30m) and mesophotic (30-150m) depths using marine robots. These data are expected to support conservation and management of the under-researched seascape like Pemba Island and feed directly into questions on marine spatial planning, sustainability and threats of climate change



As climate change becomes the biggest environmental crisis of our time, I am currently working under the Pyramid of Life project to develop models of marine ecosystems that will predict the impact of emerging productivity-based exploitation patterns.

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Mathematical Biology and Chemistry Reserach Group

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Mr Kennedy Osuka Edeye Osuka Edeye

Tel: +44 1904 32 8981