Anglers and scientists, together as equals, for sharks.


Never has there been a more exciting time for UK shark science. We are encountering more and more top predators in our waters opening up a range of possibilities to learn more about these incredible animals. Providing the wealth of practical knowledge and insight into shark activity in the UK that recreational shark anglers possess and using the skills and analytical tools available to our scientific team we are seeking to secure a sustainable future for both sharks and shark angling in the UK.

Key aims and objectives

Through combining the knowledge and skills of recreational shark anglers and marine researchers we are working together to achieve the following shared objectives and to improve both the protection and management of UK shark species.

  1. Advocate the importance of knowledge and data gathered by the recreational angling community
  2. Provide shark anglers with the best resources and information on shark biology, ecology and conservation
  3. Supporting the recreational shark angling community with its development and ongoing review of shark angling and handling best practice
  4. Engage with and make the sport and shark science more accessible to, a diverse range of people to improve participation, including those from vulnerable communities and disadvantaged socio-economic groups
  5. Better understand the distribution, abundance, ecology and movement patterns of UK shark species
  6. Contribute to national and international shark management
  7. Provide evidence to relevant management bodies to reduce the overexploitation of sharks Generate public education and awareness of UK sharks and the value of recreational shark anglers to shark conservation

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Dr Bryce Stewart (


Dr Georgia Jones, Bournemouth University

Hannah Rudd, Angling Trust

Dr Simon Thomas, Shark Angling Club of GB

Steve Murphy, Sportfishing Club of the British Isles

Dr Paul Somerfield, Plymouth Marine Laboratory

Bournemouth University

Angling Trust

Bournemouth University
Angling Trust, Shark Angling Club of GB
Sportfishing Club of the British Isles
Plymouth Marine Laboratory

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