Accessibility statement

Dr. Tom Webb

Fellow - Royal Meteorological Society, Associate Fellow - Advance HE

Postdoctoral Research Associate in Climate Data Analysis

Tom is a postdoctoral researcher working with Prof. Kevin Cowtan as part of the NERC funded GloSAT project. In his previous position as a Senior Postdoctoral Researcher at Oxford University he created an HPC framework within which climate researchers from African universities have been able to develop diagnostics to perform climate model evaluation and advise climate model developers at the UK Met Office. This past work contributed to the DfiD funded LaunchPAD project which provided a suite of diagnostics for African climate processes because the African continent is poorly represented in climate studies. Past research positions focused on developing convection, cloud and volcanic processes for climate models. His PhD, from the University of Reading, developed a climate toolbox to advise earth observation and determine the extent of water vapour aberration on GPS and InSAR signals.

Current Research

This research uses spatial analysis in order to infer geomorphological changes (e.g. sea-ice) in temperature records from the late-modern period until the present. This work is contributing to the NERC GloSAT project which will allow for a pre-industrial climate baseline to be constructed before the onset of anthropogenic climate change. 


Toms interests are far ranging within climate-model development, -model evaluation and -data analysis. These extend to the related fields of data management and meteorological and computing pedagogy. He is especially interested in methods of determining climate from non-standard measurement devices/records and deriving meteorological characteristics in locations with poor measurement coverage. His prior experience of student supervision includes BSc and MSc teaching and project supervision in the areas of  hydrological modelling (BSc) and multifluid modelling (PhD).