Mock COP for local schools organised by University of York

News | Posted on Wednesday 9 November 2022

Ahead of COP27 the University of York held a Mock COP with students from local schools

Students voting in a Mock COP at University of York

The Conference of Parties (COP) is held each year, where countries of the world assemble to discuss climate policy, this year it is in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt. Young people have an essential role to play in our climate future and a Mock COP is a fantastic way for them to engage with and have an insight into what happens during these negotiations.

The Mock COP was organised by the York Environmental Sustainability Institute, the Volunteering Team from Careers and Placements, the University of York Science Education Group, Department of Education and Sustainability@York. Teams of between 3-5 students were assigned a country, or a special interest group, or a corporation and they had to strategically navigate their way through their group’s aims in the negotiations (provided via tailored handouts), the interests of other delegations (explored in bilateral breakout sessions) and ultimately voting on the important issues discussed. Taking the participants on an important journey through climate change negotiations, the actors involved, and the problems faced. 

Students from Archbishop Holgate’s School, Benton Park 6th Form College, Fulford School, Roundhay 6th Form College and York College, attended and did an amazing job sharing their group's climate priorities and negotiating with others, trying to come to compromises and decisions on each resolution. The Mock COP provided an opportunity for cross-curricular learning, building skills in speaking and listening, research, negotiation, conflict resolution and compromise and in so doing supports learners to make an impact on the crucial issue of climate change.