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Attendance requirements

UK Visas and Immigration require the University to ensure that the students we sponsor are attending and engaging with their studies. The Student Academic Engagement and Wellbeing Policy (PDF , 103kb) details how the University records and monitors such attendance and the action taken if a student fails to attend as required.

The engagement points below are recorded in the University's Student Record System and you can view the status of your engagements at any time in e:Vision.

Summary of engagement points

Academic departments are responsible for recording and managing the following:

  • Two Supervision meetings per teaching term for all taught students, delivered as one to one or in groups (or equivalent if one seminar is recorded in lieu of one supervision meeting each term)
  • Three engagement points during the summer non-teaching term for Taught Masters students
  • Eight Formal Supervision meetings per 12-month period for all Research students, with an expectation of one meeting at least every six to seven weeks
  • Thesis Advisory Panel for Research students at least one in every six-month period for full time students
  • All summative, open and closed assessments for Taught students
  • Completion of the Academic Integrity Tutorial (all students)
  • Record of engagement for placement and study abroad students

Section 7 of the Attendance Management Policy provides more detailed information on these duties.

Student Services is responsible for recording and managing the following:

  • University Enrolment (once per academic year)
  • Student Visa holders' registration activity (at the start of the programme)
  • Student Visa holders' re-enrolment (x2 for first year students and x3 for continuing students)
  • Record of engagement for Doctorate Extension Scheme students (x3 scheduled engagement points)

If departments have concerns about a student's engagement, they should advise the Visa Compliance team in Student Services as early as possible on This will enable us to provide appropriate information, guidance and support.

Placement monitoring

Students on placement, whether in term time or the vacation, are expected to produce some written evidence of their activity and learning while on placement. This should be verified by the placement host who can be the student's placement supervisor, mentor or employer.

The placement host is empowered to authorise non-attendance and should report to the Course Director within one week if a sponsored placement student has missed work. The placement host should notify the Course Director of any unauthorised non-attendance within one week. It is the responsibility of the Course Director to ensure that the placement host is aware of and undertakes these duties. Consecutive failures to attend should be acted upon in accordance with departmental policies, with the Course Director taking responsibility for liaising between the placement host, the supervisor, the student and Student Services.

Supervisory arrangements in place for Student Visa holders while at York should continue in an agreed format during the placement. A minimum of two supervision interactions per term should be recorded as for other Taught Student Visa holders; placements lasting five weeks or less should include a minimum of one recorded interaction.

Placement students should keep in contact with their placement/academic supervisors by email/telephone/letter/fax/skype and agreement reached with the student before departure for the placement regarding the frequency and method of communications. These arrangements may be supplemented by the role of the exchange/ placement co-ordinator where appropriate.

If the student fails to keep two of their expected points without authorisation, the supervisor or departmental administrator should discuss the student's case with the Deputy Director: Student Services, with responsibility for Student Visa compliance, as soon as this is raised.

Placement Monitoring Report Template (MS Word , 50kb)

Recording supervision meetings

Your department may require you to enter the details of your supervision meetings onto e:Vision or SkillsForge yourself. Please check with your department to see if this is required. The document below includes step-by-step instructions on recording meetings in e:Vision and SkillsForge.

Recording Meetings in eVision - Students (PDF , 98kb)

SkillsForge - Getting Started (PDF , 249kb)

Who to contact

  • Immigration Advice Service
    Student Hub, Market Square
    Tel: +44 (0)1904 324140

    Please complete our referral form, available on our immigration advice page.
  • Visa Compliance Team
    To contact the team:
    Tel: +44 (0)1904 328025 available from 10am to 4pm
  • Student Hub
    Office hours: 9am to 5pm Monday to Thursday
    Opening times: 10am to 4pm Monday to Friday