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Your private sector accommodation questions answered

Posted on 3 February 2023

Stephen, our Student Housing Adviser, took over the University’s Instagram account today to answer your questions via Instagram Stories.

Missed it? Here's your housing FAQs answered:

Q: What support is there if I can’t afford the average price for rent?

If you're struggling with the cost of living and budgeting, please get in touch with the Student Hub, who have specially trained advisers who can help. 

Q: What do I do if I haven’t been able to find a housing group yet?

If you're looking for housemates, keep an eye out on the Student Hub and your college Instagram accounts for more 'housemate finder' events coming this term, as well as Facebook groups and Student Connect.

Q: Can I finish a tenancy agreement before the agreed time?

It is possible to leave a tenancy early. Check your tenancy agreement for any exit clauses and speak to your landlord. You need to know if you're on a joint and several tenancy agreement, which most students are, you'll have to have a new tenancy agreement signed by all housemates and the landlord and everyone has to agree to it.

Q: How can I guarantee I get my deposit back?

The best thing you can do to guarantee getting your deposit back is to take photos of your property when you enter it and ensure that your inventory is fully completed.

Q: Is it normal to be asked to pay 12 months up front if you don’t have a guarantor?

Yes, this is normal. It's a case of risk for the landlord but you can try and negotiate six months instead and use companies like YourGuarantor and Housing Hand for private guarantors.

Q: What are my rights if my housemates’ damage affects my chunk of the deposit?

If you're in a joint and several contract then you're all equally liable for any damage that occurs - unless the person that caused the damage is going to admit it and take the hit themselves. If you're on separate tenancies for each of your rooms then your only shared liability is in the communal areas and that's slightly different.

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Want to know more?

See our information and advice on private-sector accommodation, come to our new Housing Hub drop-in sessions or contact Stephen directly via the Student Hub online referral form:

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