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Eight financial icebreakers to start conversations about money

Posted on 7 October 2022

If you had £1 million, but you had to spend it ALL within 24 hours, what would you do?

Do you speak with your friends and family about money? It’s not always easy. It’s an emotionally-charged topic and it can be awkward to bring it up - even a bit taboo.

But money plays a key role in all of our lives and conversations about money are a crucial way to learn from each other.

So let’s normalise the M word, spread good financial habits and bring awareness to the topic of money!

Blackbullion has written a blog with eight financial icebreakers you can use to start a conversation. These are a mix of light-hearted questions and those that dig a little deeper, to encourage interesting discussions while allowing you to learn more about your friends and family - and to provide an entry point to a conversation about money.

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