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Paid opportunity to give academic skills feedback

Posted on 21 May 2021

The Academic Skills Community is offering a paid role to help promote workshops and gain feedback.

Academic Skills Community

The Academic Skills Community is here to help you improve your skills. There are online resources available any time, anywhere, plus online and face-to-face workshops and community groups that are ready to help you work towards development goals and enable you to become a stronger student. You can even book one-to-one appointments for personalised study coaching and writing and maths skills support.

Work with the Academic Skills Community

We are looking for students who have previously attended our workshops to provide feedback and to help us promote the Academic Skills Community. You will take part in a video recorded focus group and work on a series of videos explaining the six Academic Skills Community skills sets.

This work is paid £9.33 per hour and would take a maximum of 4-5 hours to complete. 

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What’s on this week?

Monday 24 May - The sciences: Dealing with data
Tuesday 25 May - It's all in the presentation: creating and presenting your slides
Tuesday 25 May - Confidence for Online Seminars and Discussions Series 1. Part 4 of 4
Wednesday 26 May - Dissertation Journey Workshop 7: Results and Discussion
Wednesday 26 May - DIGITAL WEDNESDAYS: Get creative with your research
Thursday 27 May - Setting goals
Friday 28 May - English for Academic Purposes: Formal versus Informal 2 - Nominalisation