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Posted on 5 February 2021

What's new this week in the Academic Skills Community?

As ever, the Academic Skills Community has a whole host of events taking place, looking at a variety of academic skills.

What skills do you want to develop?

We would love to hear what workshops topic you want us to cover next term so if you have 30 seconds, please fill in this (totally anonymous) google form and let us know which academic and communication skills you want to know more about!

Academic Skills Community feedback form

What’s new this week?

This week we’re starting our new series on Academic Writing for the Sciences. From how to select and read the right papers through to analysing and writing about data. These sessions will tell you all you need to know about writing for the Sciences!

The first session on Tuesday 9 February looks at how we read scientific texts. What information are we looking for? How do we filter through all mountains of difficult language to get the key points? Book on to this session.

Find the full list of Sciences sessions.

What else is on this week?

Mon 8 February Writing Academic English: Informal v Formal
Tue 9 February How Do We Read Scientific Papers?
Tue 19 February Numerical Reasoning for Employability
Wed 10 February Reading For Your Dissertation
Wed 10 February Regression in SPSS (Maths Skills)
Thur 10 February Creative Coding With Spreadsheets
Thurs 11 February Where Did I Read That?! A Look At Reference Management
Thurs 11 February How to Use Your Learning to Develop Yourself
Fri 12 February How To Improve Your Communication

Find out more

Find the full list of workshops for this term and, don’t forget, you can also find (and book) our sessions using the MyUoY app!