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Be a good neighbour

Posted on 19 November 2021

As we approach the end of term, please consider the people who live near you.

Students walk along a York street

Most students who live off-campus do so harmoniously with their neighbours. But excessive noise at un-neighbourly times, and failing to deal appropriately with waste bins, recycling and parking have all caused problems that result in complaints to the University from local residents.

Be a good neighbour and avoid problems:


  • Avoid excessive noise and show consideration for your neighbours at all times. Early risers are likely to be going to bed early, nightshift workers will want quiet during the day and families with small children will not want noise late at night.
  • If you go out at night, remember to keep your voice down on the way home and while getting in and out of taxis.

Waste collection

  • Put your rubbish or recycling out by the kerb on the correct day. Refuse collectors will not come onto the property to get bins. Ask your neighbours or check the City of York Council website for your collection day.
  • Do not overload your bin or leave extra bags out. Refuse collectors will not take extra rubbish. There should be enough space in your landfill bin if you recycle properly.
  • If you miss your collection day or have extra rubbish and recycling, take it to Hazel Court Household Waste Recycling Centre.


  • Always park cars considerately and legally.


We take complaints very seriously and repeat offenders may find themselves facing disciplinary action under Regulation 7. This states that discipline is important in safeguarding the University community, and that this community extends beyond the bounds of the campus. Actions taken as a result of disciplinary offences can include fines, suspension and exclusion.

Support for you

You can find advice about renting in the private sector on our website, including help with problems during your tenancy. This includes information on what to do if your neighbours are causing problems. Our Student Support and Advice team can help with a wide range of housing issues.

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