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Academic skills development in Week 8

Posted on 28 February 2021

The latest updates from the Academic Skills Community.

Academic Skills Community

There is a bumper week coming up in the Academic Skills Community with lots of great workshops to help you navigate any academic hurdles. 

What's new this week?

This week is the last of our Writing for Science sessions, where we delve into the minutiae of writing reports and dissertations in the sciences. This week we’re covering the big one: How to write about your results. This is often the biggest cause of stress for students when it comes to writing up their work, with questions like: “how do I appraise my own result; how do I link my findings back to the literature; and how do I report and acknowledge errors in my data?”

This session will help you navigate these questions and more. 

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What's on this week?

Tuesday 2 March

What is data?

What is active critical reading?

Wednesday 3 March

The sciences: Writing about your results

Statistical analyses using R (Maths Skills)

Learn to code websites using JavaScript

Thursday 4 March

Dissertation journey: Your Results and Discussion

Dissertation journey Workshop 5: The Method

Statistical testing using SPSS

Discover York Award

Friday 5 March

Paragraphing and Cohesive Devices

How to write in the passive voice

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Find the full list of workshops for this term and, don’t forget, you can also find (and book) our sessions using the MyUoY app!