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Life to Water

Posted on 12 February 2019

Help to save our oceans and waterways from plastic waste during a week of student-led events.

Life to Water

Over the last decade, the amount of plastic waste in waterways, especially the oceans, has drastically increased. By 2050, virtually every species of seabird will be eating plastic, and there will be, pound for pound, more plastic in the ocean than fish.

In 2019, the oceans really need our help! This year, learn how you can make changes in simple ways; make a difference to our planet and help bring ‘Life to Water’.

The (DGC) is a student-led project which aims to educate the student body about the impact of plastic waste over the well-being of waterways, on both global and local scales. The community is working to show the university that, with a little mindfulness, anyone can help to reduce the impact that plastic has on our oceans.

Take part in our week of events during Week 9 and find out how you can help the life in our oceans.

Monday 4 March
Film screening of ‘A Plastic Ocean’ as an introduction to the impact plastic has on the well-being of our oceans. Snacks will be available on the door! 
Time: 8pm-10pm 

Tuesday 5 March
A litter pick in the city centre to help clear York’s parks from plastic.
Time: 2pm and 4pm
Location: Market Square

Thursday 7 March
TEDtalk-style conference with incredible motivational speakers whom we hope will provide inspiration to take action.
Time: 5pm-7pm
Location: AEW003

Friday 8 March
Discussion with the prompt “This house regrets the invention of plastic”, with participants from relevant student societies.
Time: 6pm-9pm
Location: D/N/056

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