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Pop-up study spaces: find your bubble

Posted on 15 April 2017

Looking for somewhere to knuckle down as exams approach? Find out about the spaces available near you.

Pop-up study spaces: Find your bubble. Study spaces are popping up all over campus for the exam period. Find the space that suits you.

The Summer Term is a busy time and as exams approach you may be looking for the right space to study. The Library is a popular spot, but there are places available all over the University, and with so many resources now available online you might prefer to find somewhere closer to your room or department.

Pop-up study spaces

We'll be opening pop-up study spaces throughout the Summer Term to give you more choice on both Campus East and Campus West.

Some pop-up study spaces will only be available for fixed periods of time and the buildings may have specific opening hours, so be sure to check the University study spaces page to see what's available when you need it.

Campus West pop-up study rooms

Rooms will be available in James College, the Library Fairhurst Building, the Spring Lane Building, Vanbrugh and Wentworth.

Campus East pop-up study rooms

Rooms will be available in the Law and Management Building and Ron Cooke Hub.

General study spaces

Many stable study spaces exist that are available throughout the term and for the rest of the year. Some of these spaces can be booked for group study. Visit the University study spaces webpage for location and availability information.

IT classrooms and study areas

Don't forget - you can also study in IT classrooms and study areas across the University, and there are more than you might think. There are 890 PCs available across the University and the IT Services webpages contain information about location, accessibility and availability. You can even check to see which machines are currently free.


The Library has over 1,200 study spaces, including bookable study rooms. Check the Seating availability page before you set out or to see where might be free if the area you're currently in is busy. 

Remember: if the space you want in the Library is busy, pop-up spaces may be free and could even be more convenient for you.