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Forthcoming PAT testing sessions on Campus West

Posted on 16 October 2017

If you live on campus, you need to get your electrical items tested.

In line with the University's policy on PAT (portable appliance testing) testing, please attend one of the following sessions if you're resident on Campus West: 

  • Wednesday 18 October - Vanbrugh College JCR
  • Monday 23 October - James College Lodge
  • Tuesday 24 October - Halifax College JJ's Common Room
  • Wednesday 25 October - Alcuin College JCR
  • Thursday 26 October - Derwent College JCR
  • Wednesday 1 November - Wentworth College Common Room
  • Wednesday 8 November - Fairfax House TV Room

All sessions will be held between 2.00pm and 6.00pm.

If you cannot attend your own college session then please attend any of the other ones. This is a free service to all students who are living on campus.

What to bring?

All electrical equipment with a three pin plug attached or plugs into a three pin adaptor (for example a shaver or toothbrush), the power cable from a PC, a laptop charger unit or anything else with a fixed cable and plug should be brought to be tested.

If you have brought any kitchen equipment with you then these must be PAT tested for safety and should not be used in your room. The electrical wiring in your room is only rated for computers and chargers and not for high current items like kettles, toasters, microwaves or rice cookers. This can cause the electrical circuits to shut off.

What happens if I don't attend?

Safe appliances will receive a small green sticker. You may be asked to remove and no longer use any electrical item that does not have one.


If you have any questions, email or phone 01904 32 2165.