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Easter vacation arrangements booklet

Posted on 24 March 2017

Download the Easter vacation arrangements booklet from the GSA and Student hub to find out about Easter campus events and opening times for local and university services over the holidays.

Easter vacation arrangements for students on campus 2017. Booklet available on campus and online now -

If you're staying on campus over the holidays the Graduate Students Association (GSA) and Student Hub have produced a vacation arrangements booklet full of helpful and important information about opening times for local and university services, transport arrangements, security information and more.

The Colleges and the GSA have also provided a range of events for the holiday period, from Easter egg decorating to movie marathons and a trip to Castle Howard.

The book is produced by the Graduate Students Association but contains information that will be useful to students at all levels of study and the events are open to all students, too.

You can download the leaflet from the GSA website or pick up a printed copy from the GSA in Vanburgh College.