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Open lecture: Border Zones

Posted on 9 June 2017

Join psychologist and filmmaker Jan Haaken to explore the feminist use of images to subvert the male gaze by documenting life and work under precarious conditions, Wednesday 14 June, 4pm.

Silhouette of a woman against the sunset.

Hear Jan Haaken, professor emeritus at Portland State University, present on 'Border Zones: documenting life and work carried out under precarious conditions' preceding a screening of her recent film, KUWEPO ("Being there" in Swahili).

Jan Haaken works in a historical context where feminists have long sought to secure a space for women in a visual field dominated by men. She will explore the theoretical, ethical and methodological dilemmas in the use of use of images of female suffering to subvert the male gaze prior to showing her short film, KUWEPO.

KUWEPO follows the daily lives of providers in Kenya as they work within the 2010 liberalized constitution to provide post-abortion care for women.

Date: Wednesday 14 June, 4pm

Location: Room ENV/005, Environment Building

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