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If ill during term, please register your illness through your e:Vision account. This can be found in the "Your Support" section.


The Self Certification Policy (MS Word , 32kb) provides information on whether you should self-certify your illness.

More detailed guidance is provided in your departmental handbook.

If in any doubt as to whether you may self-certify for a particular period of illness, please discuss this with your supervisor as a matter of urgency.

This process should only be used if you are unwell.

This process should not be used for recording planned absences or planned medical appointments. In situations such as this, please inform your department.

In crisis now

Call 999 for emergency services - or for security services on campus call 01904 32 3333 or use the Safezone app.

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Who to contact

  • Open 9am to 5pm, Mon - Thurs; 10am to 5pm, Fri (UG term-time)
    10am to 4pm, Mon - Fri (all other times)

Counting days off sick

You can self-certify your illnesses for a maximum of ten days in any given academic year with a maximum of seven days for any one period of illness.  For any further instances of illness a medical certificate from your doctor will be required to be submitted to the Student Hub, Market Square

Every term-time week day of illness should be counted as a day of absence, even if you are not time-tabled to attend structured learning on those days.

Ensure the days and dates are recorded correctly:-

eg. First day of sickness: 12/03/2019 - Date returned to study following illness: 14/03/2019 = 2 days.

Example 1

In the middle of the term you fall ill between classes on Friday 10th. You are unwell the whole of the following week, but recover by Sunday 19th.

  • Date your sickness began: Friday 10th
  • Date you returned to studies: Monday 20th (even if you have no classes until Tuesday 21st)
  • Number of days sick (this absence): six (Friday 10th, Monday 13th - Friday 17th)

Example 2

You fall ill after all classes on the evening of Tuesday 17th, in the last week of term. You are ill for the rest of that week and most of the first week of the vacation.

  • Date your sickness began: Wednesday 18th
  • Date you returned to studies: Monday 23rd
  • Number of days sick (this absence): three (Wednesday 18th - Friday 20th)