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The Department has a long-standing international reputation for research in the field of Science, Technology and Health, and has particular expertise in science and technology studies and the sociology of health, illness and healthcare. It has attracted considerable external funding from a range of agencies for pioneering sociological and interdisciplinary work on regenerative medicines, stem cell science, end of life care, brain injury, allergies, gender and health, transplantation and pharmaceutical innovation, and the health professions. 

Current research projects

Buildings in the making: a sociological exploration of architecture in the context of health and social care - Prof. Sarah Nettleton, Dr Daryl Martin, Prof. Ellen Annandale, Dr Siân Beynon-Jones and Dr Chrissy Buse

CAPACITIE - Cutting-Edge Approaches for Pollution Assesment in Cities - Dr Darren Reed

How are sex, gender and health interwoven? Theoretical development in a Northern European context - Prof. Ellen Annandale

Regenerative medicine and its development and implementation: an analysis of emergent value systems and health service readiness (REGenableMED) - Prof. Andrew Webster & Dr John Gardner

Regulating time: New perspectives on law, regulation and temporalities - Dr Siân Beynon-Jones

Reproductive justice? A critical examination of abortion law and practice in the UK and South Africa - Dr Merran Toerien and Dr Siân Beynon-Jones

Sleep during recovery from drug and alcohol dependence: a sociological study of embodied change - Prof. Sarah Nettleton

Tackling Disabling Practices: co-production and change - Prof. Celia Kitzinger

Unsettling scientific stories: expertise, narrative and future histories - Dr Amanda Rees




Staff members

Ellen Annandale - Gender and health, health professions, health and inequality

Kelly Benneworth-Gray - Sociology of smell and olfactory disorders, clinical interaction, sociology of space travel

Sian Beynon-Jones - Reproductive and new life science technologies, human/non-human boundaries, the healthcare profession, feminist theory

Nik Brown - Sociology of health, regulation of bioscience, classical/contemporary social theory

Clare JacksonConversation analysis, gender, sexuality, healthcare

Celia Kitzinger - Chronic disorders of consciousness, neuroethics, medical decision-making

Brian Loader - Social and community informatics, communicative technologies of governance, political sociology

Daryl Martin - Healthcare architecture, health and place, medical sociology

Sarah Nettleton - Health, illness and medicine, the sociology of the medical profession, experiences of illness, food, allergies and running, the body and embodiment

Darren Reed - Human-computer interaction, health & intelligent communication systems, social informatics, performativity & identity

Amanda Rees - Social theory, the human/animal relation, sociology of science, popular understandings of science, history of primatology

Merran Toerien - Conversation analysis, doctor-patient interaction, patient ‘choice’, shared decision-making

Andrew Webster - Regenerative medicine, new bioscience technologies, regulation

PhD Students

Jerry Booth - Outcomes influencing the training of tomorrows doctors

Ayodeji Ogunrotifa - Anthropology and Sociology of Health and Illness 

Ros Williams - Cord blood banking

Kenneth Leach - Towards a Sociology of Subjective Well Being

Ruchi Higham - Clinical Trials and the challenge of regenerative medicine