Current research students

Here you can find out about the current activities of research graduates in the Department of Sociology.

StudentArea of researchContact

Nurul Abd Rehman

  • Life on the grid: social media

Hanan M. Alsuraihi

  • Family Problems, Women's issues, Youth Problems and Social Media

Victor Avila Torres


  • Technologies of Music Consumption, Musical Experience in the Everyday Life, Sociology of Technology, Cultural Sociology, Media Studies

Christy Beem

  •  Care Leavers and Retention and Achievement in Higher Education

Raven Bowen

  •  Examining concurrent participation in off-street sex work and square work

Pin-Yao Chiu

  • Tourism studies, Social class, Social media and Neoliberalism

Hyangmi Choi


  • Communication studies
  • Cultural differences in the relationships between audience responses and the use of verbal and nonverbal devices in political speeches
Matt Coward
  • UK based analog gaming communities
  • Communitas and play as methods of fostering community
  • Ritual studies, secular ritual praxis and ritual’s interaction with popular culture
  • Contemporary religions and spiritualities and the theoretical frameworks through which they are studied

Morgane Donse

  • LGBT equality
  • International relations
  • Decriminalisation of homosexuality
  • Decision-making process in government

Longwen (Jason) Fu (Visiting)

  • Making Residents: Professional Socialization and the Challenges of Standardized Residency Training in China

Anna Gkiouleka

  • Integrating intersectionality theory in health inequalities research
Kasturi Hazarika
  • Public Art Projects: For Addressing Critical Concerns of Urban Space and Ecology

Ruchi Higham

  • Clinical trials and the challenge of regenerative medicine

Amy Louise Holmes

  • Heritage, identity and ‘authentic’ cultural formations in the city

Christine Jackson-Taylor

  • Personal narratives of religious LGBTQ women

Benjamin N. Jacobsen

  • The intersection between memory and algorithms

Kenneth Leach

  • Governmentality of wellbeing and happiness studies in the United Kingdom

Kun Li

  • Cultural gerontology, ageing and intimacy, gender study and social identity

Alex Lewington

  • Researching the communication and interpretation of transcultural themes of identity, otherness and race in English-language translations of shonen manga in the United Kingdom.

Peggy Lockwood-Lord

  • Cultural Criminology / Counterculture
  • Transgression studies
  • 'Queer Carnivalesque' / 'Folk' culture
  • Groteskology
Dimitra Mouriki
  • Sexual and gender-based violence against refugee women: A salient characteristic in the Mediterranean refugee crisis
Kelly Richards D'Arcy-Reed
  • The gendered presentation of death and dying in contemporary comic books
Vladimir Rizov
  • The use and produciton of capital (social, cultural and symbolic) by professional photoraphers in the documentary genre
Bethany Robertson
  • Gender identities (in farming and rural life) and human-animal relations (livestock, pet-keeping and identity work)
Daniel Robins

My research interests are broadly:

  • Death
  • Crime
  • Health
  • Technology

Carol Robinson

  • Criminology, especially prisons and issues around deaths of prisoners from natural causes

Rachele Salvatelli

  • Analysing the birth and development of resistance between sociology of the body and theory of recognition. An exploration of the body positive movement


  • Sociological Analysis of the War on Terror
Jill Simpson
  • Critical data studies, data visualisation, public engagement through creative practice

Rosie Smith

  • Classical and contemporary social theory and its applications to crime, culture, and media
Dilvan Dilara Usta Gumuscu
  • Interpretation of Contemporary Islam from Queer Theological Perspective

Qian Wang
  • Gender studies, women's experience and identity

Jing Wu
  • Uneven flow of cultural circulation: A sociological study of book translation from Chinese to English (since the 1980s)
  • Sociology of translation
  • Circulation of culture
  • Language and power relations
  • Cultural world-system

Manli Zhu

  • Visual Culture
  • Food, Food Photography, Photography on Social Media
  • Digital Culture, Popular Culture, Consumer Culture