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Current research students

Here you can find out about the current activities of research graduates in the Department of Sociology.

StudentArea of researchContact
Alankrita Anand
  • Sociology of health
  • Reproductive justice
  • Feminism and agency
  • Participatory feminist research 
Emma Collins
  • Disability studies
  • Sociology of health and illness
  • Sociology of diagnosis
  • Long-term impairment and disability in adults
  • Narrative methodology 
Matt Coward-Gibbs
  • Gamers and gaming
  • Leisure and recreation
  • Rituals interaction with popular culture
  • Death and the undead, particularly monstrosity
  • Contemporary religions (Theravāda Buddhism, Haitian Vodou, East Asian Shamanism)

Charlotte Dimond

  • Sociology of health and illness
  • Identity and inequalities
  • Disability studies
  • Children and young people 

Adam Dinsmore

  • Populism
  • Plural elite theory
  • Neolibralism and meritocracy beliefs

Morgane Donse

  • LGBT equality
  • International relations
  • Decriminalisation of homosexuality
  • Decision-making process in government

Yumeng Dou

  • Video games
  • Mobile games
  • Game culture

Jade Gilbourne

  • Non-consensual sexual image sharing
  • Gender and sexual violence
  • Digital communications and identities 

Graham Gill

  • Urban Sustainability
  • Neoliberal Urbanism
  • Local Wealth Retention

Dylan Goodacre-Hall

  • Online communities
  • Death and dying
  • Virtual spaces
  • Digital archiving 

Kasturi Hazarika
  • Public Art Projects: For Addressing Critical Concerns of Urban Space and Ecology

Amy Louise Holmes

  • Community and belonging
  • Ephemeral/ temporary urban spaces
  • Marginalization
  • Lefebvre
  • Feminist urban research

Alice Horgan 

Yumeng Jing

  • Social media politics 
  • Democracy
  • Populism culture 
  • Sense of political disenchantment among citizens 

Lyndsey Kramer

  • Class and Immigration studies
  • Social Theory
  • Qualitative analysis with NVivo
  • Quantitative analysis with SPSS 

Peggy Lockwood-Lord

  • Cultural Criminology / Counterculture
  • Transgression studies
  • 'Queer Carnivalesque' / 'Folk' culture
  • Groteskology

Andrew Macdonald

  • Political Sociology
  • Social movements
  • Climate crisis and other existential threats
  • Agnotology [The sociology of ignorance]
  • Sociology of media
  • Future Studies  

Carlos Manzano

  • Post-Conflict Societies
  • Ethnic and Racial Identities
  • Language Negotiation
  • Intergroup Conflicts
  • Language Attitudes
  • Discourse Analysis
  • Neuroimaging Research Analysis 

Haylie-Davina Mason

  • Urban Sociology
  • 'Moral Geography'
  • Spaces of female street-based sex work
  • Socio-cultural histories of 'red-light' districts
  • Productions and Reproductions of 'moral space'
  • Archival Research
  • Qualitative and Arts Based Methods 

Alice Masterson

  • Music sociology
  • Music and gender
  • Music and nostalgia
  • Music and mortality
  • Reception theory

Zainab Maqbool

  • Sociology of Religion
  • Intersectional identities (mixed ethnicity, religion & gender)
  • Creative participant led methods (walking interviews and photo elicitation) 
Dimitra Mouriki
  • Sexual and gender-based violence against refugee women: A salient characteristic in the Mediterranean refugee crisis
Ozge Onay
  • Migration and Diaspora, Islamophobia and War on Terror, Politics of Transnationalism, Multiculturalism
Sheila Pryce-Brooks
  • Sleep Paralysis
  • Mystical Experiences
  • Metaphysical and Paranormal Phenomena
  • Extraordinary Spiritual Experiences including Near Death Experiences and Dreams and Visitations from deceased loved ones 
  • Sociology of the paranormal 
Kelly Richards D'Arcy-Reed
  • The gendered presentation of death and dying in contemporary comic books
Rose Rickford
  • Grassroots community organisations
  • Conversation analysis
  • Ontology and research methodology
  • Feminism for women's liberation

Rachele Salvatelli

  • Sociology of the body
  • Fat studies
  • Identity and the self
  • Narrative research

Anastasia Shaw

  • School architecture
  • Educational spaces
  • Educational pedagogy 

Catherine Stinton

  • Far-right extremism
  • Radicalisation of women
  • Racism and whiteness studies
  • Digital ethnographic methods

Camila Toledo

  • Emotional capitalism
  • Emotional culture
  • Emotion work
  • Emotional methodologies
  • Latin American studies

Abril Rodriguez Vasquez

  • Scientific knowledge production
  • Knowledge dissemination
  • Transformation of academic work
  • Research and academic practices 
Qian Wang
  • Gender studies, women's experience and identity

Yehan Wang
  • Subcultural and music sociology study

Mia Westrap
  • Sociology of the body
  • Neoliberalism and postfeminism
  • Gender and sexuality
  • Social movements
  • Qualitative research methods

Alice Wilson
  • Urban Sociology
  • Self-build
  • Tiny Houses
Jing Wu
  • Uneven flow of cultural circulation: A sociological study of book translation from Chinese to English (since the 1980s)
  • Sociology of translation
  • Circulation of culture
  • Language and power relations
  • Cultural world-system

Shiyuan Yin
  • Women, Identity, and Chinese rural women

Yinan Zhang
  • Family relationships
  • Gender
  • Identity

Manli Zhu

  • Visual Culture
  • Food, Food Photography, Photography on Social Media
  • Digital Culture, Popular Culture, Consumer Culture