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Coronavirus (COVID-19) research

Our researchers are joining forces to respond to the coronavirus crisis

We're working with partners in York and further afield as part of a global effort to fight the COVID-19 virus.

From covid analysis to air quality, researchers across the University are investigating the immediate impacts of the virus as well as the longer-term implications for society. 

Research highlight

Post COVID-19 care

The road to recovery may be difficult for some COVID-19 patients returning home from intensive care. Researchers at York are gathering evidence to identify which patients may be more at risk of suffering from Post Intensive Care Syndrome - a collection of physical and mental health problems that can affect patients after a spell of critical care.

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Exploring how lockdown has affected air quality and what it means for future climate change policy


Examining the effects of COVID-19 on food systems, local and global communities and the economy


Finding cures, refining testing and ensuring health agencies have the data they need to fight the pandemic

Applied health

Tackling the mental and physical health implications of COVID-19 for everyone

Research themes

Our COVID-19 research links to several of the University's research themes:

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