York Plasma Institute Research

The Plasma Physics and Fusion research activities carried out at the York Plasma Institute fall primarily into three main areas:

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Magnetic Confinement Fusion

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In magnetic confinement fusion, hydrogen gas is heated to a temperature ten times hotter than the centre of the Sun, becoming a plasma. The plasma is confined in a toroidal geometry by a combination of magnetic fields within a fusion reactor known as a tokamak.

Laser Plasmas & Fusion


High powered lasers focussed onto a solid (or gaseous) target are used to produce plasmas. These rapidly expanding plasmas produce interesting high density states of matter. These high density plasmas can be used to simulate astrophysical plasma expansion and to understand other plasma properties.

Low-Temperature Plasmas

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Low-temperature plasmas facilitate a range of applications, including plasma manufacturing (e.g. for computer chips and solar cells), space propulsion, and plasma medicinal applications (e.g cancer treatment).