Secondary schools

The Astrocampus is located on the University of York campus.  Many other activities can be delivered within schools.  


Who: All year groups
What: Space-themed activities, daytime workshops and evening observing sessions.


‌Who: All year groups
What: Discover the mysteries of space in the Cosmodome: an inflatable planetarium. 

Binding Blocks

Who: Year 12/13 students
What: Discover nuclear physics using Lego in this half-day workshop.


Who: Years 7-13
What: Exiciting demonstrations and lectures on cutting edge research. Find out more at

Physics Review

 Years 12 and 13
What: A magazine for AS/A-level Physics students.

Isaac Physics Experience

Isaac Logo

Who: Year 10Year 11Year 12 & Year 13 students
What: Physics programmes to support your studies with tailored questions and hands-on experiments.

Nuclear Masterclass‌

Who: Year 12 students
When: Thursday 20 June 2019
What: A day of talks, workshops, tours and experimental work investigating nuclear physics. 

Ogden Physics Awards


Who: Year 10 and 12 students
When: Thursday 27 June 2019
What: An evening event to celebrate the outstanding effort and achievement of the region's physics students.

Work Experience

Who: Year 12 students
When: 8th - 12th July 2019
What: A one week programme of activities including experimental work in the department's teaching laboratories and project based work with researchers.


Teaching labs

Who: Year 12 students
When: 8th - 12th July 2019
What: A one-week residential course to give an insight into studying physics at University.

Nuffield Projects

Radio telescope
Who: Year 12 students
When: Throughout the summer break
What: Four-week placements involving active research alongside leading academics. 

‌Physics at Work

Physicist at work looking at a screen.

Who: Years 8 and 9 students
When: 11th December 2018
What: A day of workshops looking at careers in and applications of Physics.