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We offer lots of exciting activities for primary school groups. 


Come and explore the wonders of the universe at the Astrocampus, the University of York’s observatory. We offer two-hour workshops, which include an Astrocampus tour and a range of space-themed activities. Suitable for key stage 2 children (aged 7+). 

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Audio Labs

Join the pioneering AudioLab team to find out about music technology. We offer an interactive music technology activity which provides participants with a hands-on experience building and playing with synthesisers. This session presents an introduction to the history and concepts of electronic music, supported by a practical experience of creating and controlling electronic musical sounds. Suitable for key stage 2 children (aged 7+). 

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Robotics workshop

Combining space, robotics and coding, our robotics workshops challenge children to build and programme space rovers using electronics kits. Suitable for key stage 2 children (age 7+). 

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Virtual Reality Planetarium Show

Join us for a guided tour as we launch into space and explore some of the billions of stars and galaxies using virtual reality headsets. This 30-minute workshop can be repeated with multiple classes over a day for a whole school experience. 

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Venture inside the Sundome to learn about fusion - the process that powers the Sun - and how scientists are trying to create mini-suns here on Earth to create clean electricity. Then gets hands-on to test materials and decide what would make the best container for a 'star in a jar'. This workshop last an hour and a half and is suitable for key stage 2 children (aged 7+). It is linked to the states of matter and materials topics in the curriculum. Please note that the Sundome needs a school hall to run in. 

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