The Department of Physics is dedicated to creating a welcoming, supportive and inclusive environment for students and staff who have disabilities.   

The Department has a dedicated Disability Officer: Dr Tami Grant (tamara.grant@york.ac.uk) who liaises closely with colleagues from the department, Disability Services and other central support units to ensure appropriate advice and support are provided to all students and staff regarding disabilities. As a department, we have successfully worked with a number of students with disabilities whose long-term health conditions or disabilities have included but not been limited to the following:

  • autistic spectrum conditions

  • physical/mobility difficulties

  • hearing impairments

  • visual impairments

  • mental health conditions

  • specific learning difficulties

  • long-standing/chronic illnesses like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

The department recently took part in the Institute of Physics’ Inclusive Learning Project, which was launched as a way to help support physics departments through changes to the Disabled Students’ Allowance in 2016 that transferred greater responsibility for funding disabled students to universities.  The findings of the Inclusive Learning Project, which gathered information on good practice in supporting and promoting inclusive learning for all students, were released in the Building momentum towards inclusive teaching and learning report.

The department and the wider University can support students with disabilities in a variety of ways throughout their studies. There is an opt-out policy for lecture recording; so the majority of lectures are either recorded via audio or video capture, allowing all students opportunities to go over content for their classes. The department makes extensive use of the University’s virtual learning environment to provide electronic resources for students, often in advance of teaching sessions. Some examples of typical adjustments that have been made for Physics students with disabilities include extra time and/or smaller rooms for examinations, scribe support for exams, extensions to assignments, exams in Braille, extra lab support as well as a variety of bespoke arrangements agreed in conjunction with Disability Services.

Useful information on Disability support:

Sources of support for students and staff