Solo Project

Britain in Song has been an absolutely incredible experience – I've worked with some amazing people, hugely inspiring conductors, composers, singers – it's just been incredible!

3rd year

The Solo Project is an independent study module which gives you the opportunity to explore in depth an area of music that particularly interests or excites you.

You will experience research-planning, by establishing a scholarly or creative project and seeing it through to a finished piece of work which should be impeccably presented. The Solo Project encourages independent thinking and learning, so skills that you develop are invaluable to whatever future career you decide to pursue.

Many students use it as a springboard into the field they enter after their degree.

The Solo Project can take the form of an extended written essay on an original topic, but there are other creative possibilities. In recent years these have included:

  • A music theatre production
  • A technical production of an original album of performance art
  • Classroom and community-based projects
  • Transcription and editing
  • Ethnomusicological fieldwork
  • Electroacoustic installation

Solo Project Examples

Here are just some of the major projects undertaken recently by students; your Solo Project can relate directly to your intended career and can show future employers you already have the skills and ambition necessary to thrive in the workplace – at York, the only limit is your imagination!

Britain in Song

For her Solo Project, Naomi Leveton decided to organise and present a large-scale musical event – The Britain in Song Festival.  Naomi's passion lies in arts administration, and her solo project acted as a launch pad for her career, quickly securing a job at the Ryedale Festival.

Music for Percussion

Percussionist Zoë Craven's Solo Project consisted of a concert of music for percussion along with an extended essay on percussion repertoire and performance practice. You can watch the complete performance in the video below.