Storytelling in its many forms engages with quickly developing technological means in order to push the boundaries of what we experience and how.

Immersive realities - virtual and augmented - open new vistas on the way we encounter story, as both narrators and audiences.

Interactive storytelling engages the spectator in new relationships with fictional and non-fictional material, navigating imagined worlds and the complex realities of the present. Our research is developing both modes, sometimes together, sometimes apart, sometimes the blurred lines in between, and contributing to the theorising and production of new, disruptive ways of creating, thinking and responding to story.

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Dr Lisa Peschel
Cluster Lead

DC Labs

Digital Creativity Labs is a world centre of excellence for impact driven research in games, interactive media and the rich space where they converge. 

It brings together over 30 world-class researchers across creative and scientific disciplines and takes a multidisciplinary approach to tackling research challenges with a focus on real-world impact.

Screen Industries Growth Network (SIGN)

The Screen Industries Growth Network (SIGN) is a new initiative launched in partnership with eight other universities across Yorkshire and the Humber and Screen Yorkshire. 

Working across the film, TV, games industries and other digital media, SIGN aims to empower people and enable economic growth in the region. It combines the University of York’s research excellence with a strong, collaborative focus on business support, skills and training. 

Diversity and inclusion are the heart of everything SIGN does, and our aim is to increase participation in under-represented groups within the screen industries and enable the creation of more diverse content and experiences. 

Watch the lockdown launch video here

XR Stories

XR Stories supports research and development for companies working in cutting-edge digital technologies in the Yorkshire and Humber region. We do this through a programme of funding, research collaboration and connection. We work across film, TV, games, media arts, heritage, advertising and technology to champion a new future in storytelling.

XR Stories is putting the innovative and dynamic digital storytelling community of our region at the front of the global creative and cultural landscape. We draw together the University of York’s research  excellence and a strong business focus. We are finding new ways to tell new stories to new audiences.

XR Stories is a £15M investment by AHRCthe University of York, the British Film Institute and Screen Yorkshire.


Weavr is a technology platform that uses live and historic data to create meaningful and personalised mixed-reality experiences for esports fans.

It incorporates immersive experiences for remote audiences that seamlessly stretch across virtual and physical spaces, multiple displays, mobile devices, VR video telepresence and augmented reality overlays, enabling viewers to teleport in between the live arena, virtual game worlds and augmented living rooms. 


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Dr Lisa Peschel
Cluster Lead