MPhil/PhD by Thesis

Research topics for MPhil/PhD by thesis may be proposed in any area closely related to the research interests of current members of staff (see staff profiles). Students work independently with regular supervision from their research supervisor, and attend research seminars (normally four each term). Thesis titles from recent years include:

  • Music and Language in the Works of Samuel Beckett
  • Beyond Simplicity: Approaches to the Analysis of Contemporary Music
  • Melodic Oganisation and Improvisation in Thai Music with Special Reference to the Thaang Ranaat Eek
  • A Ghanaian Perspective on the Changing Role of Traditional African Music in a Contemporary Society
  • Passion and Persuasion: The Art of Rhetoric and the Performance of Early 17th Century Solo Sonatas
  • The Community Education Work of Orchestras and Opera Companies: Principles, Practice and Problems
  • Gesture and Affekt in the Performance of Baroque Vocal Music
  • 3 Masses by Frangiskos Leondaritis c1516 - c1572
  • Interpreting Music: contemporary performance practice on the violin

Research Seminars

All MPhil and PhD research students are required to attend these sessions which aim to encourage an exchange of ideas amongst a range of disciplines and approaches. Whilst 'research' fosters the idea of specialisation, this should not be at the expense of working in isolation; the broader context is always to be encouraged. It is important that research students retain an awareness of areas of study outside of their chosen specialism, especially those who intend to teach within Higher Education, if they are to be effective in their work. During the academic year, all members of the group should be prepared to lead a seminar discussion based on their particular specialism with a view to engaging with those working outside that area; these contributions form part of the official upgrading (from MPhil to PhD) process.

PhD Music

PhD Music Psychology 

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The Music Department at York has such a wide range of opportunities for composers it was the obvious place to do a PhD. The Chimera Ensemble provides great opportunities to have my music played and to get involved playing other student's pieces. Not to mention having my string quartet premiered by the Kreutzer Quartet!

Benjamin Gait
(PhD in Composition)