Undergraduate modules

Recent projects have included:

Throughout your three years at York, the Music degree programme is taught through a series of modules, known internally as ‘projects’. Each term you select from a wide range of choices the area you wish to study in depth.

You'll choose one project per term throughout their programme (from 2019-20, two projects in the Spring Term).

In the Autumn Term, first year students choose one project from a smaller selection of more introductory modules. Examples could include Studying World Music or Musical Analysis. Second and third year students choose from a different range of options in this term.

After the Autumn Term of Year 1, you'll typically have around 6-8 options to choose from each term.

In the Spring Term, most projects are available to all students, subject to pre-requisites and any limits on numbers. A small number of options including Recital, Composition Folio and Solo Project are only available to third year students.

Options are usually available on a cyclical basis, every two or three years, and modules are developed and changed all the time, so the range of  options is continually updated. Therefore, the list of examples here is indicative of, but not an exact reflection of, the options available in  current and future years.

The modular system at York allows you to tailor your degree by choosing areas of study that suit your individual interests. All students will undertake a mixture of musicology and analysis, composition and performance, with the opportunity to specialise. For example, singers may have the opportunity to experience modules with the internationally-renowned vocal director, Robert Hollingworth, and composers can choose to work with a range of professional composers who cover different genres and styles.

Each module is taught over the course of a whole term. In the first half you’ll have intensive taught sessions under the guidance of our course tutors, who are all active researchers in their specialist fields. These sessions usually include a variety of lectures, seminars, performances, workshops, classes, discussions and group study.

During the second half of the term you’ll work with tutorial help to produce a portfolio of work. The nature of the submission is flexible; it may contain an essay, compositions or technical exercises, a performance, an edition, or a recording.

Most modules are assessed by a submission at the end of the term. There are no formal written examination papers. In addition, final year students may offer a Recital or an Independent Composition Folio. All final year students also submit a Solo Project on a subject of their own choice.