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Take a year abroad or in industry

When you come to York, you can take advantage of the chance to take a year in Europe or, on our combined Computer Science and Mathematics degrees, take a year in industry to build some relevant experiences and transferable skills to help you get a job when you graduate.

The year in Europe

The year in Europe helps you to develop your language skills as well as experiencing life in a different culture. You don't need to have mastered the language before you come to York; as part of choosing the Year in Europe option, you'll be able to take language classes as York as part of your course. 

You'll spend the third year of your four year course at a university in countries like Germany, France or Spain. Living and learning in a different culture adds new dimensions to your University experience, widening your intellectual and social experience. 

The year abroad is available on our BSc in Mathematics, and on our BSc in Mathematics and Physics.

A year in industry

A year in industry is currently only available on our Mathematics with Computer Science joint courses, but we hope to introduce this on our single subject Mathematics courses soon.

The year in industry takes place after your second year, and becomes the third year of either a four or five year degree, depending on whether you choose to study the BSc or MMath variant.

Students who study for a year in industry achieve a higher degree result, gain essential workplace skills and often get a job before they graduate compared to those who do not choose a year in industry.