Future of Europe

Our research takes advantages of the twin perspectives of York and Maastricht: both geographically European but with national governments which take very different political approaches to Europe.

Approved projects

First funding round

  • A project to explore European sovereign debt practices in order to develop principles of financial ethics and institutional design for sovereign debt policies conducive to European integration. They have set up an Ethics of Debt Network, which brings together researchers from various disciplines working on the ethics of debt, broadly construed. - Professor Alan Thomas, Dr Martin O’Neil, Dr Marco Meyer (York) and Dr Janosch Prinz (Maastricht)
  • A series of research events to investigate the constitutional challenges arising from the use of a number of regulatory techniques in the EU. - Dr Kathryn Wright (York) and Professor Mariolina Eliantonio (Maastricht)

The Partnership has also funded a range of smaller Europe-focused research bids, including work on:

  • Europe and the future of global rules and multilateralism. - Dr Hylke Dijkstra (Maastricht) and Dr Jappe Eckhardt (York)
  • European democracies in crisis: voices, actions and reactions from below. - Dr Kai Heidemann (Maastricht), Dr Tom O'Brien, Dr Alejandro Pena and Dr Sara de Jong (York)
  • The impact of Brexit on the governance and operation of EU agencies. - Dr Annalisa Volpato (Maastricht) and Dr Kathryn Wright (York)
  • Independent fiscal institutions in EU member states fives years after the fiscal compact. - Dr Diane Fromage (Maastricht) and Dr Michal Horvath (York)
  • Ten years of the EU Eastern Partnership: democracy promotion, economic governance and geopolitics. - Dr Giselle Bosse (Maastricht) and Dr Simona Davidescu (York)