Investigating both neuroimaging and molecular imaging, making the most of the cutting-edge technologies and techniques at both universities.

Approved projects

First funding round

  • Work to bring together world-class scanning technology in York and Maastricht to understand how information flows through the brain and apply this in our response to ageing and mental health challenges. - Professor Antony Morland, Professor Alex Wade (York), Professor Elia Formisano and Professor Rainer Goebel (Maastricht)
  • Research to use state-of-the-art Imaging Mass Spectrometry and GeoMx™ Digital Spatial Profiling protein and RNA profiling to better understand how immune cells regulate their metabolism in complex inflammatory environments.  The research will initially focus on tackling diseases in which York and Maastricht already have considerable expertise (breast cancer and leishmaniasis), eventually expanding this to a range of other communicable and non-communicable diseases. - Professor Paul Kaye, Dr Peter O'Toole (York) and Professor Ron Heeren (Maastricht)
  • Research to boost cross-institute research scope and capabilities for high resolution functional brain mapping using advanced magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) techniques – in both clinical and preclinical domains. - Dr Aneurin Kennerley (York), Dr Laurentius Huber and Dr Benedikt Poser (Maastricht). They have hosted a series of YMP webinars on Layer-fMRI, you can read about the third one on their Layer-fMRI blog post which includes links to the previous two.