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Academic and research staff

Academic staff

  • Lucia Aiello
    Lecturer in Italian
    Chair of Board of Examiners
  • Carmen Álvarez-Mayo
    Lecturer in Spanish
    LFA Coordinator for Portuguese and Spanish
  • Cinzia Bacilieri
    Associate Lecturer in Italian
    Italian Degree Programme Coordinator
    LFA Coordinator for Italian, Latin, Korean and Modern Greek
  • Dunstan Brown
    Professor and Head
    Morphology, Morphology-syntax interaction, Typology
  • Claire Childs
    Lecturer in English Language and Linguistics
  • Cathy Dantec
    Senior Lecturer in French
    Chair of the Language Executive
  • Nathaniel Elcock
    Associate Lecturer in Translation
  • Géraldine Enjelvin
    Associate Lecturer in French
    LFA Coordinator for Arabic and French
    Department Disability Officer
  • Paul Foulkes
    Forensic phonetics, Sociolinguistics
  • Peter French
    Forensic speech science
  • Nino Grillo
    Psycholinguistics, Syntax
  • Sam Hellmuth
    Senior Lecturer
    Phonetics and phonology, Varieties of Arabic
  • Vincent Hughes
    Forensic speech science
  • Thomas Jochum-Critchley
    Lecturer in German
    LFA Coordinator for German, Dutch, Polish and Russian
  • Kobin Kendrick
    Interaction, Conversation analysis
  • Tamar Keren-Portnoy
    Senior Lecturer,
    UG Admissions Tutor

    Language acquisition, Phonological development
  • Paul Kerswill
    Sociolinguistics, Language variation and change
  • Shin-Sook Kim
    Syntax, Semantics, Korean linguistics
  • Julia Kolkmann
    Associate Lecturer 
    Pragmatics, Pragmatics-grammar interfaceSemantics

Academic staff

  • Dan Li
    Associate Lecturer in
    LFA Coordinator for Chinese and Japanese
  • Carmen Llamas
    Senior Lecturer
    Sociolinguistics, Language and identity
  • Giuseppe Longobardi
    Syntax, Semantics, Historical-comparative linguistics
  • Elia Lorena López
    Associate Lecturer in Spanish
    Spanish Degree Programme Coordinator
  • Heather Marsden
    Senior Lecturer
    Second language acquisition, Syntax, East Asian linguistics
  • María Muradás-Taylor
    Lecturer in Spanish
  • Angela O'Flaherty
    Associate Lecturer in French
    French Degree Programme Coordinator
  • Richard Ogden
    Phonetics, Conversation analysis, Sign language
  • Nadine Saupe
    Lecturer in German
    German Degree Programme Coordinator
  • Peter Sells
    Syntax, Semantics, East Asian linguistics
  • Ann Taylor
    Senior Lecturer,
    UG Admissions Tutor
    History of English, Syntactic variation and change
  • George Tsoulas
    Syntax, Semantics, East Asian & Greek linguistics
  • Marilyn Vihman
    Language development, Phonology, Bilingualism
  • Dominic Watt
    Senior Lecturer
    Forensic phonetics, Sociolinguistics
  • Norman Yeo
    Syntax, Semantics
  • Raffaele Zanotti
    Associate Lecturer in Italian
    Italian Degree Programme Coordinator, Year Abroad Coordinator
  • Eva Zehentner
    Lecturer in English Language and Linguistics
  • Eytan Zweig
    Semantics, Neurolinguistics

Research fellows and assistants 

Enhancing the Quality of Psychological Interventions Delivered by Telephone (EQUITy)

  • Paul Drew
  • Annie Irvine

Factors in Hiring Situations Project

LanGeLin (Language and Gene Lineages)

Matches and Mismatches in Nominal Morphology and Agreement

Pluralised Nouns as a Window to Linguistic Variation

  • Hanna de Vries

The Use and Utility of Localised Speech Forms in Determining Identity

Voice and Identity: Source, Filter, Biometric

Courtesy associate lecturers

Associates and academic visitors

  • Paola Crisma