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Academic and research staff

Academic staff

  • Lucia Aiello
    Lecturer in Italian
    Chair of Board of Examiners
  • Cinzia Bacilieri
    Associate Lecturer in Italian
    LFA Italian, Latin and Modern Greek Coordinator
  • Dunstan Brown
    Professor and Head
    Morphology, Morphology-syntax interaction, Typology
  • Cathy Dantec
  • Lecturer in French
    Language Degree Programmes Coordinator
  • Nathaniel Elcock
    Associate Lecturer in Translation
  • Géraldine Enjelvin
    Associate Lecturer in French
    LFA French Coordinator
    Department Disability Officer
  • Paul Foulkes
    Forensic phonetics, Sociolinguistics
  • Peter French
    Forensic speech science
  • Nino Grillo
    Psycholinguistics, Syntax
  • Sam Hellmuth
    Senior Lecturer
    Phonetics and phonology, Varieties of Arabic
  • Vincent Hughes
    Forensic speech science
  • Thomas Jochum-Critchley
    Associate Lecturer in German
    Year Abroad Coordinator
  • Kobin Kendrick
    Interaction, Conversation analysis, Pragmatics
  • Tamar Keren-Portnoy
    Senior Lecturer,
    UG Admissions Tutor

    Language acquisition, Phonological development
  • Paul Kerswill
    Sociolinguistics, Language variation and change
  • Kremena Koleva
    Associate Lecturer
  • Julia Kolkmann
  • Associate Lecturer
    Pragmatics, Pragmatics-grammar interface, Semantics
  • Caitlin Light
    Syntax, Variation and change in English and Germanic
  • Carmen Llamas
    Senior Lecturer
    Sociolinguistics, Language and identity

Academic staff

Research fellows and assistants 

Matches and Mismatches in Nominal Morphology and Agreement

LanGeLin (Language and Gene Lineages)

The Use and Utility of Localised Speech Forms in Determining Identity

Voice and Identity: Source, Filter, Biometric

Courtesy associate lecturers

Associates and academic visitors

  • Paola Crisma
  • Aaron Ecay
  • Lisa Roberts