Dunstan Brown



Dunstan Brown investigates autonomous morphology, morphology–syntax interaction, and typology. His recent work has focused on describing and understanding different aspects of morphological complexity. After graduating with a BA in Modern Languages and a Master of Linguistics from the University of Manchester, he completed a PhD in Linguistics at the University of Surrey and worked there for many years before taking up a 50th Anniversary Chair at York in 2012.


  • Surrey University
    • Research Fellow 1992-1998
    • Foundation Fund Lecturer in Linguistics and Russian Language 1998-2001
    • Lecturer in Linguistics and Russian Language 2001-2005
    • Senior Lecturer in Linguistics 2005-2012
    • Professor in Linguistics April 2012-Sept. 2012
  • University of York
    • Anniversary Professor 2012-2016
    • Anniversary Professor and Head of the Department of Language and Linguistic Science 2016-

Departmental roles

  • Head of Department



Period of award: April 2017 to March 2020
Grant: ESRC & AHRC

Investigators: Dunstan Brown, Serge Sagna, Marilyn Vihman

Project outputs

  • Preserving local culture and enabling wider communication: the case of Eegimaa

Period of award: February and March 2017

Grant: Newton Fund

Investigators: Dunstan Brown and Serge Sagna

Recently Completed Projects (last 8 years)

Research group(s)

Available PhD research projects

I am happy to supervise research projects on morphology, including computational and theoretical approaches, morphology-syntax interaction and typology.


Contact details

Dunstan Brown
Professor and Head
Department of Language and Linguistic Science
Vanbrugh College C Block
Room: V/C/011

Tel: (0)1904 322653



In 2017-18 I will contribute to teaching on the following modules: