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Thomas Jochum-Critchley
Senior Lecturer in German



I am an experienced language teacher having worked in a number of HE institutions in the UK and Europe including France, Portugal and my native Austria.

Over the last ten years I have come to appreciate and develop a profound understanding of language learning as a communicative and interactive process. As language learning advisor and facilitator I enjoy supporting students in reflecting upon and understanding their own learning and developing strategies on how to make the best out of their capabilities.

More recently I have particularly focussed on designing innovative language teaching materials to support autonomous and independent learning and to enhance student engagement and motivation. Of particular interest for me is to explore the benefits of audio-visual and digital technologies for language learning and recent teaching projects include the use of personal response systems in grammar lectures as well as the use of digital video production for language learning.

Engaging with language students and teachers in order to evaluate and reflect upon my practice are in my view key to the development of effective and efficient language learning. I have shared best practice and discussed findings of my teaching projects in national and international workshops and conferences.

My second area of expertise lies within German and Austrian film on which I have developed and taught modules at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. My passion for the subject but also for engaging with the wider public has led to collaborations with local cinemas and cultural institutions on German speaking film.


  • University of York  (from 2012)
    Senior Lecturer in German (from 2023)
    Lecturer in German (2018-2023)
    Associate Lecturer in German (2012-2018)
  • University of Leeds (2009-2012)
    Teaching Fellow in German / OeAD Lektor,
    Director of German Language Teaching
  • Leeds Metropolitan University (2010-2012)
    Part time lecturer in German
  • Open University (2010–2012)
    Language Assistant
  • University of Nottingham (2007-2009)
    Teaching Fellow / OeAD Lektor
  • Université de Nice-Sophia Antipolis (2001-2007)
    Lecteur d’Allemand / German lector
  • Diplomatic Academy of Vienna (2001-2006)
    Tutor for German Language and Austrian Civilisation
  • University of Vienna (1999-2001)
    Part time tutor for German as a Foreign Language

Departmental roles

  • Deputy Chair of Board of Studies
  • Programme Leader for Languages



Semester 1

  • Plurilingualism, multilingualism and transnational languages: concepts, strategies & approaches (Module convenor)
  • German Language and Cultures: Proficient (Module convenor)
  • Intensive German Language and Cultures: Beginner (Module convenor)
  • German Language and Cultures: Upper Intermediate

Semester 2

  • Contemporary German speaking film (Module convenor)
  • Understanding German-speaking cultures & societies (ab initio) (Module convenor)
  • Understanding German-speaking cultures & societies
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External activities


  • Language Teaching Forum @ York (Co-organiser)
  • FHEA - Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
  • FLAME - Film and Media in Education
  • ÖSD - Österreichisches Sprachdiplom Deutsch (Qualified examiner)
  • Approved UNILANG examiner

External examining

  • University of Newcastle
    University Wide Language Programme (2022-2026)
  • University of Keele
    Language Centre (2021-2025)
  • University of Nottingham
    Language Centre - UK, China & Malaysia campus (2018-2022)
  • King's College London
    Modern Language Centre (2017 - 2021)

Invited talks and conferences

  • Presentation: Developing Plurilingual Pedagogies in Languages Programmes: Concepts, Principles and a Practical Example. AULC conference 2023: Language for All in Higher Education: Inclusion, Diversity, and Sustainability. Edinburgh, 27-28 April 2023
  • Keynote: Machine translation literacy and language education: teaching, learning and using languages in the digital age. Online Workshop Digitales Lernen und die Bewertung sprachlicher Leistungen im universitären DaF-Unterricht in Großbritannien. University of Liverpool: Centre for Teaching Excellence in Language Learning, 20/1/2023
  • Presentation: Raus aus dem Seminarraum – rein ins Leben: Authentische Projekte zum Thema Film im integrierten DaF-Unterricht vor, während und nach der Pandemie. IDT 2022 Wien, 15/8/2022
  • Presentation: Assessing language proficiency in the digital age: principles, challenges and solutions.” AULC conference 2022: Envisage the Future: Reshaping Language Teaching and Learning. Nottingham, 25-27 April 2022.
  • Presentation: Was bedeutet Sprachkompetenz in einer zunehmend digitalisierten Welt. Online-Workshop Digitales Lernen und Unterrichten im universitären DaF-Unterricht in Großbritannien. University of Nottingham, 8/9/2021
  • Presentation: Leaving the Ivory Tower: Public engagement through authentic projects on German speaking film – before, during and after the pandemic. Annual AGS conference 2021. Online University of Swansea, 2/9/2021
  • Presentation: Language education as public engagement: designing authentic projects on German film. InnoConf 2020. Online University of Newcastle, 18/9/2020
  • Presentation: Impact teaching: language, film and media education in the 21st century. Transmedia in Education International Conference, Manchester Metropolitan University, 28/6/2019
  • Poster: Working together on authentic projects: designing, delivering and assessing group work and collaboration. Annual Learning and Teaching Conference, University of York, 24/6/2019
  • Presentation: Innovating in assessment for languages: experiences with project work and authentic assessment, Innovating in Assessment in the Arts Humanities, University of York, 5/6/2019
  • Presentation: Taking language and culture beyond the classroom. UK LINGUA 2019: Culture in the Language Classroom, University of Durham, 27/4/2019
  • Presentation (with Nadine Saupe): Developing multi/intercultural learning abroad through ethnography.” Year Abroad Conference, University of Newcastle, 14/9/2018
  • Presentation (with Nadine Saupe): Designing Year Abroad Projects: Developing students' engagement and skills.” Professional Competencies in Language Learning and Teaching Conference, University of Nottingham, 13/7/2018
  • Presentation (with Nadine Saupe): Developing Inter/Cultural Learning abroad through ethnography.” Innoconf 2018, University of Liverpool, 22/6/2018
  • Presentation: Rethinking the Curricular and Extra-curricular Divide. ECAs 2018, University of Manchester, 1/6/2018
  • Presentation (with Nadine Saupe): Developing multi/cultural learning through ethnography.” 3rd Languages in a Globalised World Conference, Leeds Beckett University, 23-24/5/2018
  • Presentation (with Maria Muradas-Casas & Raffaele Zanotti): Joining researchers and practitioners. The Language Teaching Forum @ York. AULC Professional Development SIG Meeting, University of Reading, 185/2018
  • Presentation (with Nadine Saupe): Engaging students in inter/cultural learning through ethnography.” UK LINGUA, University of Durham, 24/4/2018
  • Online presentation: Grammatiktraining am Handy. DaFWEBKON 2018, 3/3/2018. Available at: (Accessed: 09/3/2018)
  • Presentation: Squaring the circle: Developing accuracy and fluency through recorded speaking tasks. University of Leeds Language Learning and Teaching Conference: Developing Speaking Skills. Leeds, 16/9/2017
  • Presentation: Deutsche Grammatik am Handy. IDT 2017, Freiburg (CH), 2/8/2017
  • Session chair: Innovative Language Teaching and Learning conference 2016, University of York, 17/6/2016
  • Presentation: Smart phones for German grammar learning and teaching. Using Fim and Media in the Language Classroom: Research-Led Teaching. Manchester Metropolitan University, 25/7/2015
  • Presentation (with Cinzia Bacilieri, Maria Muradas-Taylor, Nadine Saupe): Diversity and mixed ability at modular and programme level. Supporting Ab Initio language students' transitions. University of York Learning and Teaching Conference 2015, 10/6/2015
  • Presentation: German Grammar goes MAD. The use of mobile phones and digital video in Grammar teaching. Innovative Language Teaching at University Conference. University of Leeds, 16/5/2014
  • Presentation (with Cinzia Bacilieri & Dan Li): From teaching practice to SLA. Questions arising from grammar teaching and learning within a communicative framework. NISSLL workshop, University of York, 26/4/2014
  • Film introduction: The White Ribbon. City Screen Cinema, York, 30/3/2014
  • Presentation: Autonomous Blended Learning. Ein autonomes Sprachlernportfolio im Spannungsfeld von Individualisierung und Standardisierung. IDT 2013 Bozen, July 2013
  • Workshop (co-organisation): HEA workshop "Digital media in the modern language classroom", Aston University, Jan 2013
  • Presentation: Blended Autonomous Language Learning in a globalized world. Languages in a Globalised World Conference, Leeds Metropolitan University, Sept 2012
  • Presentation: Back to the future. Autonomous Language Learning Reloaded. Language Futures, Language in Higher Education Conference, Edinburgh, July 2012
  • Presentation (with Mandy Poetzsch): Feedback on writing tasks SMLC Language Forum, University of Leeds, Nov 2011
  • Film Introductions: Grill Point, Sun Alley, Schultze Gets the Blues. Leeds International Film Festival, Nov 2009

Business engagement

  • National Centre for Excellence in Language Pedagogy (NCELP): Audio recordings (2019-2023)
  • Department for Education (DfE): Quality assurance services for review of subject content of GCSE Modern Foreign Languages. (2019)
  • Ofqal: CEFR consultant for study on GCSE MFL Standards (2018)


Selected publications

  • (2022) Language education as public engagement: designing authentic projects on German-speaking film.  In C. Hampton & S. Salin (Eds), Innovative language teaching and learning at university: facilitating transition from and to higher education (pp. 45-55). 2022,

  • (2022) Developing learner autonomy in German ab initio programmes. In U. Bavendiek, S. Mentchen, C. Mossmann, & D. Paulus (Eds.), Ab Initio Language Teaching in British Higher Education. The Case of German. UCL Press. 2022, 183-192

  • (2011) With Piroska Lorinczi, Hamish Gillespie: LTC8 2011 review in: Student Education Bulletin. Issue 1 (

  • (2009) Österreichische Filmgeschichte als interkulturelles Experiment. In: Magali Laure Nieradka, Denise Sprecht (eds.): Fremdkörper? Aspekte der Geisteswissenschaften in der Auslandsgermanistik und im DaF-Unterricht. Berlin, Münster: LIT,153-171

  • (2004) Von der Produktivität der Fremderfahrung. Betrachtungen über das Lehren und Lernen an französischen Universitäten. In: Theorie und Praxis. Österreichische Beiträge zu Deutsch als Fremdsprache. Nr.8, 185-196

Contact details

Thomas Jochum-Critchley
Lecturer in German
Department of Language and Linguistic Science
Vanbrugh College C Block
Room : V/C/105