Language and effective communication are central to most careers, and the study of linguistics will equip you with an all-around set of skills which translate readily into any work context.

Our graduates

Our graduates have an excellent record of pursuing fulfilling paths after graduation, whether this leads directly into employment (eg advertising, retail management, teaching English as a foreign language, IT, accountancy and broadcasting), or into further study (eg teacher training, speech and language therapy, postgraduate qualifications in journalism or broadcasting, and research degrees). View the latest statistics on the career destinations of our graduates:

For the statistics for all other undergraduate courses, check each course page here.

Career paths

There are specialist career paths which lead directly from a language and linguistics degree, after additional postgraduate training, including:

  • clinical linguistics (Speech and Language Therapy)
  • teaching (primary and secondary)
  • academic research and higher/further education
  • forensic linguistics (Forensic Speech Science)

Our graduates are not limited to these paths, however. They are equipped to move on in a variety of different directions, pursuing rewarding careers across a broad range of professional fields, including:

  • marketing and communications
  • publishing
  • broadcasting and journalism
  • librarianship
  • local government and public service
  • finance and accountancy
  • and many more... 

Apart from their knowledge of languages, our alumni have the confidence and skills that come from successfully completing a demanding course and participating fully in university life.

Who to contact

Cinzia Bacilieri & Julia Kolkmann
Careers Liaison Officers

Undergraduate prospectus

Intending applicants should also read through the University's undergraduate prospectus.