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Megumi Bailey
Lecturer in Japanese



Megumi has been teaching Japanese over 20 years both in Japan and in the UK. She has joined Languages for All (LFA) as a Language tutor, the University of York in 2001. Until the present time Megumi has engaged in a range of Japanese teaching activities, teaching a spectrum of levels on the LFA programme at York University and local schools throughout this time. She has been involved in a range of language/culture related community events and has undertaken various translational activities. 

Megumi was appointed as a Lecture in Japanese in September 2022.


  • External Examiner for UWLP, Nottingham Trent University (2015 - 2019)
  • LFA Japanese language tutor, University of York (2001 - )
  • Japanese Tutor, Queen Margaret’s School, York (2013 -2014)
  • Freelance teaching for Japanese GCSE/ A-level and Japanese Language Proficiency Test (N5-N2), York (2012 - )
  • Teaching Biology and Chemistry, Mashiko High school, Japan (1998 -2000)


  • MA in Education, University of York (1998)
  • Diploma in Education, University of York (1997)
  • Teaching science (11+) certificate of education, Utsunomiya University (1996)
  • MSc in Applied Biochemistry, Utsunomiya University (1996)
  • BSc in Agriculture, Utsunomiya University (1994)

Departmental roles

  • Japanese Coordinator
  • PAL Coordinator in Japanese


Other teaching

  • LFA Japanese Level 1
  • LFA Japanese Level 2

External activities


  • The British Association for Teaching Japanese as a Foreign Language
  • 川口義一日本語初級教授会
  • The Association of Japanese language teachers in Europe

Invited talks and conferences

  • 教師用参考書プロジェクト第一次分「の」の 素案の要点, August 2019. (co-organizer and chair)
  • 教師用参考書「いわゆる「形式名詞」の考え方と教え方』作成プロジェクト:第一次分の「の」「こと」「もの」の試案発表, University of York, June 2019.  (co-organizer and chair)
  • 教師用参考書『いわゆる「形式名詞」の考え方と教え方』作成プロジェクト:概要, University of York, April 2019.  (co-organizer and chair)
  • 「こと」「もの」「はず」「わけ」が述語に用いられる場合の用法の検討, University of York, June 2018.  (co-organizer and chair)
  • 「こと」「もの」「はず」「わけ」の意義と用法, University of York, December 2017.  (co-organizer and chair)
  • 「~ので」と「~のでに」- 形式体言「の」を使った接続表現と「から」「-ても」とのちがい, University of York, June 2017.  (co-organizer and chair)
  • いっしょに「の」の正体を考えてみませんか。Formal Substantive Study Group,  Joint Seminar with Language Teaching Forum at University of York, December 2016.   (co-organizer)


Editorial work

Other external work

  • Japanese GSCE Oral Examiner, various schools in Yorkshire, 2010 - 
  • Foundation Governor (Curriculum & RE committee), Cawood CEVA Primary School, 2009 - 2016

Contact details

Megumi Bailey
Lecturer in Japanese
Department of Language and Linguistic Science
Vanbrugh College C Block
Room : V/C/107