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York's focus is on the integration of theoretical and empirical investigation of the formal properties, development, use and acquisition of linguistic systems. Our work aims to be cross-disciplinary and collaborative, involving national and international partners.

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Current projects

  • Accent Bias and Fair Access in Britain (ABFAB)
  • Anatomy, Acoustics, and the Individual: Investigating Inter-Speaker Vocal Tract Variation for Forensic Speaker Comparison
  • Enhancing the Quality of Psychological Interventions Delivered by Telephone (EQUITy)
  • ‘Geordie’? ‘Mackem’? ‘Smoggie’?: Dialect Differences in the North East of England (GMS)
  • Matches and Mismatches in Nominal Morphology and Agreement: Learning from the Acquisition of Eegimaa
  • Pluralised Mass Nouns as a Window to Linguistic Variation
  • The Use and Utility of Localised Speech Forms in Determining Identity: Forensic and Sociophonetic Perspectives (TUULS)
  • Voice and Identity: Source, Filter, Biometric
  • York BabyLab Studies

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