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Several of our postgrads, at work in the postgrad space in the Berrick Saul building

Current postgraduate research students

Hajar Alenezy Vowel space areas across some Arabic dialects (Gulf dialects): Vowel Production and Perception study
Shaikhah Al-Jurayed The neuro-cognitive processes underlying comprehending the visual images of untouchable nature while reading: A comparative study
Amereh Almossa Discourse-pragmatic variation in Najdi Arabic
Mahmoud Alsabhi The production of emphatic fricatives in spoken Arabic dialects  
Kayed Alsultan Combating disinformation through linguistic literacy: an evidential and epistemic approach
Aljawharah Alzamil Intonational Variation Within and Between Spoken Dialects of Saudi Arabia
Huma Anwaar Phonological development in a multilingual community; a comparative study of Urdu and Pashto early words
Margherita Belia The effects of sleep and infants' vocal production experience in new word learning
Emanuela Buizza The spreading of suprasegmental correlates of consonantal reduction in spontaneous speech
Rui Qi Choo Early speech production of Mandarin-learning infants: A longitudinal observational and experimental study
Chris Cox Inside the Infant Mind: Using Interactive Technology to Explore the Mutual Interaction between Infants’ Inferential Capacities and Exploratory Behaviour During Development 
M.Gabriela Valenzuela Farias Change of English vowel contrasts produced by non-native speakers: a longitudinal study
Ben Gibb-Reid Phonetic variation of discourse-pragmatic variables with an application for forensic voice comparison
Yuxi Gong On the second language acquisition of dou-quantification in Mandarin Chinese by L1-English and L1-Japanese speakers
Lauren Harrington Accent bias in human and machine transcription 
Elliot Holmes Towards linguistically-informed automatic speaker recognition
Zhiying Jian The expression of trouble and advice-giving in the university supervision interaction
Lu Jin Chinese Measure Phrases: Syntactic Analysis and Semantic Composition
Fani Karageorgou Structural constraints on memory retrieval
Katharina Klug Analysing voice quality as a component of forensic speaker comparison
Keisuke Kume Acquisition of Syntax-Semantics Mappings in Second Language Japanese: A Feature Reassembly Account
Sarah Lapacz The interaction between voice, facial expressions, and slurs  
Justin Jing Hoi Lo Issues of bilingualism in forensic voice comparison
Shanshan Lou Lexical tone development from babbling to speech
Sarvenaz Moradi Templatic approach to Persian child phonology  
Umar Gombe Muhammad  A comparative phonological analysis of varieties of English spoken by native speakers of Nigerian languages (Hausa, Igbo, Kanuri and Yoruba) for the determination of speakers' origins
Victoria Noble The Singulative: Comparative Syntax and Crosslinguistic Semantics
Kara Rancourt An analysis of the Chinese plural marker -men
Sascha Schäfer Assessing the individual voice recognition skills of earwitnesses
Nikita Suthar Role of Formants and Within-formant Acoustic Measures of Vowels in Forensic Speaker Identification: A Study of Vowels in Marwari as Spoken in Bikaner
Nikki Swift Phonological acquisition in a multi-dialectical environment
Heather Turner Language Attitudes in Baku, Azerbaijan
Bruce Xiao Wang

The effect of sampling variability on system performance and individual speakers’ behaviour in likelihood ratio-based forensic voice comparison

Samantha Williams

Linguistically informed design of non-native accent recognition system for forensic applications

Liang Zhao

Production and perception of tone variations across Mandarin dialects