Several of our postgrads, at work in the postgrad space in the Berrick Saul building

Current postgraduate research students

Swulam Alataiy The syntax of the left periphery in Arabic
Rashidah Albaqami Second language acquisition of motion verbs: A bidirectional study of learners of Arabic and English)
Shadiya Al-Hashmi Phonology of Arabic loanwords in Turkish
Anwar Aljadani Arabic and English learners' acquisition of the narrow-range rules for the dative alternation in Arabic and English languages
Ghada Alkuwaihes A syntactic analysis of exclamatives in Arabic dialects: A Minimalist approach
Dima Al-Malahmeh An investigation of the influence of sociolinguistic factors on children's first language in Jordan
Elaheh Almousavi The effect of internal migration on the Azerbaijani Turkish language in Iran: A study of the 1st person plural pronoun suffix variation in Tabriz
Shaikhah Al Jurayed The neuro-cognitive processes underlying comprehending the visual images of untouchable nature while reading: A comparative study
Mohammad Al-Qenai Hypocoristics: A derivational problem
YoungJae An The syntax-semantics interface in second language acquisition: Crossover effects in wh-interrogatives
Huma Anwaar Phonological development in a multilingual community; a comparative study of Urdu and Pashto early words
Nathan Atkinson Variable factors in voice and content identification in forensic contexts
Shaun Austin Adolescent identity, style and classroom presentations: How issues of social identity can constrain linguistic style
Georgina Brown Modelling pronunciation with distance: An automatic speaker comparison system for forensic applications
Emanuela Buizza The spreading of suprasegmental correlates of consonantal reduction in spontaneous speech
Wenling Cao

Accent attitude and its effect on non-native speakers' phonetic accommodation: The case of Hong Kong English

Ying-Ju Chang

Aspects of Southern Min grammar in areal and typological perspectives

Zhishuang Chen  Chinese resultative predicate and two-layer aspect
Mariam Dar Effects of development on cross-language speech perception
Katherina Walper Gormaz Non-verbal communication & second language acquisition
Veronica Gonzalez Temer A multimodal analysis of assessment sequences in Chilean Spanish interaction
Adnan Ibrar Acquisition of verbal morphology (subject-verb agreement) by Pashtun and Chinese speakers of English language
Ella Jeffries Children's developing awareness of regional accents
Miyuki Kamiya Categorisation and distribution of Japanese mimetics
Sarah Kelly Identifying the acoustic and prosodic parameters used by listeners to infer threat to harm from 'neutrally-worded' utterances
Ania Kubisz Stop realisations in varieties of the North East of England
Catherine Laing A role for onomatopoeia in infant language development
Man Ki Theodora Lee Overt quantifier raising Neg-wh-quantifiers (Neg-whQ) in Cantonese and Cantonese Neg-whQ in English Cantonese interlanguage
Rachelle Lee Language ideology in the secondary school: Attitude and identity in bilingual Wales
Elaine Lopez The role of explicit instruction on article acquisition in L2 English
Shanshan Lou Lexical tone development from babbling to speech
Lucinda Machell-Ffolkes A diachronic corpus-driven investigation into salient and enregistered features of Yorkshire Englishes as represented in selected dialect literature
Margarita Makri Typology of comparative constructions
Parastou Marvasti Acquisition of verbal morphology in Persian speaking children
Melody Pattison Vowel shift in the Achterhoek
Saudi Sadiq Regional dialect levelling in Egypt: The impact of Cairene Arabic on Minia Arabic
Sehrish Shafi Phonological features of Mirpuri English
Moun Shin Language variation in the Korean peninsula
Louisa Stevens Analysis of voice quality in forensic casework 
Nikki Swift Phonological acquisition in a multi-dialectical environment
Upsorn Tawilapakul Denial and counter-expectation in Thai
Aiqing Wang The syntax-morphology interface in Classical Chinese 
Helen West Accent levelling and speaker attitudes on the Merseyside/Lancashire border: A sociophonetic study of Southport and Ormskirk
Kim Wilson Current practices in language analysis for the determination of origin (LADO): A survey and empirical investigation
Kim Witten Sociolinguistic variation and enregisterment in an online community of practice: A case study of
Rebecca Woods Representing the addressee: Discourse participants at the syntax-pragmatics interface
Jessica Wormald Regional variation in Punjabi English
Wei-Min Wu

On the secondary predicate and its types of arguments in Mandarin

Carla Xavier

The use of self-repetition in child-caretaker interactions: A study of Brazilian Portuguese

Aws Younus

The prosodic design of Iraqi Arabic political speeches

Hongyan Zhao

A corpus study comparing responses to yes-no questions and tag questions from the perspective of both syntax and pragmatics and comparing what happens in Chinese with what happens in English