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Several of our postgrads, at work in the postgrad space in the Berrick Saul building

Current postgraduate research students

Obied Al-Aqlobi Perception and Production of L2 English Clusters by Speakers of Two L1 Arabic Dialects
Ghada Alkuwaihes A syntactic analysis of exclamatives in Gulf Arabic
Shaikhah Al Jurayed The neuro-cognitive processes underlying comprehending the visual images of untouchable nature while reading: A comparative study
Mohammad Bani Younes The Phonology of Questions in Jordanian Arabic
Huma Anwaar Phonological development in a multilingual community; a comparative study of Urdu and Pashto early words
Emanuela Buizza The spreading of suprasegmental correlates of consonantal reduction in spontaneous speech
Marina Noelia Cantarutti

(Dis)Association in English Interaction: the sequential and prosodic design of "social unitness"

Wenling Cao

Accent attitude and its effect on non-native speakers' phonetic accommodation: The case of Hong Kong English

Ying-Ju Chang

Aspects of Southern Min grammar in areal and typological perspectives

Salina Cuddy Language Variation in a Football Community
M.Gabriela Valenzuela Farias Developmental production and perception of English vowels by EFL Spanish speakers
Katherina Walper Gormaz Multimodal Elicitations in Chilean Secondary EFL Classrooms
Yuxi Gong On the second language acquisition of dou-quantification in Mandarin Chinese by L1-English and L1-Japanese speakers
Chandeera Gunawardena Object clitics and adverb placement in French second and third language acquisition
Justin Jing Hoi Lo Bilingualism in forensic voice comparison
Miyuki Kamiya The Categorisation and Distribution of Japanese Mimetics: Japanese Mimetics as Prenominal Modifiers
Sarah Kelly Identifying the acoustic and prosodic parameters used by listeners to infer threat to harm from 'neutrally-worded' utterances
Katharina Klug Analysing voice quality as a component of forensic speaker comparison
Keisuke Kume Acquisition of Syntax-Semantics Mappings in Second Language Japanese: A Feature Reassembly Account
Shanshan Lou Lexical tone development from babbling to speech
Sarvenaz Moradi Templatic approach to Persian child phonology
Victoria Noble The Singulative: Comparative Syntax and Crosslinguistic Semantics
Rui Qi Choo Early speech production of Mandarin-learning infants: A longitudinal observational and experimental study
Sehrish Shafi Phonological features of Mirpuri English
Moun Shin Language variation in the Korean peninsula
Nikki Swift Phonological acquisition in a multi-dialectical environment
James Tompkinson Phonetic influences on listener perceptions of spoken threats
Sihan Wang An Investigation of Chinese International Students First Year in the UK: Problems on Communicating with the North-Eastern England People
Grace Wood Accent Discrimination in U.S. and U.K. Courts
Bruce Xiao Wang


Aws Younus

The prosodic design of Iraqi Arabic political speeches

Hongyan Zhao

The Syntax of Answers to Yes/No Questions in Chinese