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DPhil/PhD Theses completed in the department


Theses completed in the 2020s


  • James Hoskin
    "Shifting the Burden: towards more robust and transparent procedures for LADO"
  • Rongkun Liu
    "The loss of MID in English"
  • Alnuri Fadhel
    "A sociolinguistic study of the Banū Yām dialect in the Najrān region, Southern Arabia"
  • Katharina Klug
    "Analysing voice quality as a component of forensic speaker comparison"
  • Yuxi Gong
    "On the second language acquisition of dou-quantification in Mandarin Chinese by L1-English and L1-Japanese speakers"
  • Aljawharah Alzamil
    "Intonational Variation Within and Between Spoken Dialects of Saudi Arabia"
  • Krestina Christensen
    "Understanding the acoustic implications of digital transmission on fricatives"
  • Yasir Almukhaizeem
    "The Role of Emotionality on the Organisation of English Abstract Words in the Lexicon "
  • Florence Oxley
    "Laterality and Babble: Does asymmetry in lip opening during babble indicate increasing left hemisphere dominance as babies gain articulatory experience?"


  • Jing Hoi Lo
    "Issues of bilingualism in likelihood ratio-based forensic voice comparison"
  • Hannah Lurcuck
    "Affiliating and Disaffiliating with Complaints"
  • Sam Wells
    "Deriving complex verbs using Merge"
  • Xiao Wang
    "The effect of sampling variability on system performance and individual speakers’ behaviour in likelihood ratio-based forensic voice comparison"
  • Anna Rath Foley
    "The construction of meaning in advertising: A relevance theoretic approach"
  • Emanuela Buizza
    "The production and perception of reduced pronouns and auxiliaries in British English"
  • Umar Gombe Muhammad
    "A Comparative Phonological Analysis of Varieties of English Spoken by Native Speakers of Nigerian Languages (Hausa, Igbo, Kanuri and Yoruba) for the Determination of Speakers’ Origins"
  • Reihaneh Afshari Saleh
    "Pursuits in Collision: Affiliation, Disaffiliation, and Multimodality in Persian Interaction"
  • Shansan Lou
    "Early Phonological Development in Mandarin: An Analysis of Prosodic Structures, Segment and Tones from Babbling Through the Single-Word Period"
  • Latifa Alkuwaiz
    "Laryngeal Contrast and Phonetic Voicing: An Arabic Cross-dialectal Laboratory Phonology Approach"


  • Mohammad Bani Younes
    "The Role of Intonation in the Disambiguation of Disjunctive Questions (Alternative Questions and Yes-no Questions)"
  • Ghada Alkuwaihes
    "A syntactic analysis of particle-based exclamatives in Gulf Arabic"
  • Obied Al-Aqlobi
    "Interconsonantal Intervals in Bisha Arabic and Makkah Arabic: New Insights from Variable Vowel Insertion"
  • Yu Wang
    "The Generic pronouns in Mandarin Chinese"


  • Marina Noelia Cantarutti
    "(Dis)Association in English Interaction: the sequential and prosodic design of "social unitness"
  • Salina Cuddy
    "Language Variation in a Football Community"
  • Ying-Ju Chang
    "Aspects of Southern Min grammar in areal and typological perspectives"
  • Miyuki Kamiya
    "The Categorisation and Distribution of Japanese Mimetics: Japanese Mimetics as Prenominal Modifiers"
  • Chandeera Gunawardena
    "Object clitics and adverb placement in French second and third language acquisition"


Theses completed in the 2010s


  • Wenling Cao
    "Accent attitude and its effect on non-native speaker's phonetic accommodation: The case of Hong Kong English"

  • Katherina Walper Gormaz
    "Non-Verbal Communication & Second Language Acquisition"

  • Sarah Kelly
    "Identifying the acoustic and prosodic parameters used by listeners to infer threat to harm from 'neutrally-worded' utterances"

  • Sehrish Shafi
    "A Phonological Analysis of English Loanwords in Mirpur Pahari: Exploring Variable Adaptation in Optimality Theory"

  • Moun Shin
    "A comparative study of honorific systems in North and South Korea: shifts since 1950"

  • James Tompkinson
    "An investigation into the acoustic properties of verbal threats"

  • Grace Wood
    "Accent Discrimination within the courtroom in regard to non-standard dialects and stigmatized communities in the US"

  • Aws Younus
    "The prosodic design of Iraqi Arabic political speeches"


  • Margarita Makri
    "Typology of comparative constructions"
  • Veronica Gonzalez Temer
    "A multimodal analysis of assessment sequences in Chilean Spanish interaction"
  • Shadiya Al-Hashmi
    "Phonology of Arabic loanwords in Turkish"
  • YoungJae An
    "The syntax-semantics interface in second language acquisition: Crossover effects in wh-interrogatives"
  • Georgina Brown
    "Modelling pronunciation with distance: An automatic speaker comparison system for forensic applications"
  • Mariam Dar
    "Effects of development on cross-language speech perception"
  • Melody Pattison
    "Variation and Change in the Achterhoeks Dialect"


  • Rachelle Lee
    "Language Ideologies in the Secondary School: Attitude and Identity in Bilingual Wales"
  • Dima Al-Malahmeh
    "The Influence of Parental Attitudes and the Presence of Domestic Helpers on the Acquisition of Arabic among Jordanian Children" 
  • Ania Kubisz
    "Perception of Speaker Social-Indexical Information"
  • Saudi Sadiq
    "Dialect Convergence in Egypt: The impact of Cairene Arabic on Minia Arabic"
  • Swulam Alataiy
    "The Syntax of the Left Periphery in Arabic"
  • Zhishuang Chen
    "Mandarin Directional Serial Verb Constructions: A Constructionist Approach"


  • Catherine Laing
    "Exploring the Role of Onomatopoeia in Phonological Development"
  • Parastou Marvasti
    "Early Morphological Acquisition in Bilingual Children"
  • Nathan Atkinson
    "Variable Factors in Voice and Content Identification in Forensic Contexts" 
  • Jessica Wormald
    "Regional Variation in Punjabi English" 
  • Aiqing Wang
    "The Syntax-Morphology Interface in Classical Chinese"  
  • Anwar Aljadani
    "Arabic and English Learners’ Acquisition of the Narrow-Range Rules for the Dative Alternation in Arabic and English Languages"
  • Rebecca Woods
    "Representing the Addressee: Discourse Participants at the Syntax-Pragmatics Interface" 
  • Ella Jeffries
    "Children's Developing Awareness of Regional Accents" 
  • Rashidah Albaqami
    "The Acquisition of English Prepositional Feature-Assembly by Arab EFL students:  A Case Study of Saudi Students in Taif University, Saudi Arabia"
  • Kim Wilson
    "Current Practices in Language Analysis for the Determination of Origin (LADO): A Survey and Empirical Investigation"


  • Katarzyna Alexander
    "Perception of the Boundary between Singleton and Geminate Plosives by Greek Cypriots"
  • Tom Devlin
    "Sociophonetic Variation, Orientation and Topic in County Durham"
  • Vince Hughes
    "The Definition of the Relevant Population and the Collection of Data for Likelihood Ratio-based Forensic Voice Comparison"
  • Helen West
    "Accent Levelling and Speaker Attitudes on the Merseyside/Lancashire Border: A Sociophonetic Study of Southport and Ormskirk"
  • Kim Witten
    "Sociolinguistic Variation and Enregisterment in an Online Community of Practice: A Case Study of"
  • Shaun Austin
    "Adolescent Identity, Style and Classroom Presentations: How Issues of Social Identity can Constrain Linguistic Style"
  • Man Ki Lee
    "Negative Wh-Quantifiers in Cantonese: A Proposed Neg-WhQ and Second Language Acquisitions of Neg-whQ"
  • Upsorn Tawilapakul
    "Denial and Counter-Expectation in Thai"
  • Elaine Sarah Lopez
  • "The Role of Explicit Instruction on Article Acquisition in L2 English"


  •  Ruwayshid Alruwaili
    "Second Language Acquisition of Aspect and Tense by Saudi Arabic Learners of English"
  • Natalie Fecher
    "Effects of Forensically-Relevant Facial Concealment on Speech Acoustics and Perception"
  • Erica Gold
    "Calculating Likelihood Ratios in Forensic Speaker Comparison Cases Using Phonetic and Linguistic Features"
  • Phil Harrison
    "Formant Measurement Errors from LPC based Analyses of Real and Synthetic Speech"
  • Lisa Roberts
    "A Forensic Phonetic Study of the Vocal Responses of Individuals in Distress"


  • Ghazi Algethami
    "The Production of English Speech Rhythm by L2 Saudi Arabic Speakers"
  • Rana Almbark
    "Perception and Production of English Vowels by Syrian Arabic Speakers"
  • Nicholas Flynn
    "Levelling and Diffusion at the North/South Border: A Sociophonetic Study of Nottingham Speakers"
  • Maryam Gholizadeh
    "Scope Interpretation in First and Second Language Acquisition: Numeral and Existential Quantifiers and Negation"
  • Colleen Kavanagh
    "Acoustic Parameters of Consonant Segments for Forensic Speaker Comparison"
  • Richard Rhodes
    "Reliability of Non-Contemporaneous Forensic Speech Evidence"
  • Marta Szreder-Ptasinska
    "The Interaction of Articulatory and Cognitive Processes in Phonological Development"
  • Mariola Turek
    "Multiple Spell-Out Approach to Wh-Fronting"


  • Sami Alresaini
    "Acquisition of Modern Standard Arabic by Speakers of Different Arabic Varieties"


  • Antri Kanikli
    "The Syntax of Wh-Questions in Cypriot Greek and Its Consequences"
  • Rein Sikveland
    "Co-ordination of Speech and Gesture in Sequence and Time"
  • Norman Yeo
    "Unifying Optional Wh-Movement"


  • Suzanne Bardeas
    "The Syntax of the Arabic Determiner Phrases"
  • Nanna Haug-Hilton
    "Regional Dialect Levelling and Language Standards: Changes in the Honesfoss Dialect"
  • Koji Kawahara
    "Gradability in the Theory of Grammar"
  • Daniel Redinger
    "Language Attitudes and Code-Switching Behaviour in a Multilingual Educational Context: The Case of Luxembourg"


Theses completed in the 2000s


  • Marianna Kaimaki
    "Phonetic Resources and Interactional Function in English and Greek Conversation: Variation and Constraints"
  • Alan Hseih
  • "The Interpretation of Null and Overt Pronominal Objects in Native Chinese and English-Chinese Interlanguage"


  • Nattama Pongpairoj
    "Variability in Second Language Article Production: A Comparison of L1 Thai and L1 French Learners of L2 English"
  • Hazel Richards
    "Mechanisms, Motivations and Outcomes of Change in Morley (Leeds) English"


  • Shahela Hamid
    "The Study of Language Maintenance and Shift in the Sylheti Community in Leeds"


  • Leendert Plug
    "Phonetic Reduction and Pragmatic Organisation in Dutch Conversation: A Usage-based Account"
  • Alexandra Galani
    "The Morphosyntax of Verbs in Modern Greek"
  • Rebecca Sinar
    "A History of English Reflexives: from Old English into Modern English"
  • Glyn Hicks
    "The Derivation of Anaphoric Relations"


  • Melissa Wright
    "Studies of the Phonetics-Interaction Interface: Clicks and Interactional Structures in English Conversation"
  • Phillip Wallage
    "Negation in Early English: Parametric Variation and Grammatical Competition"
  • Donald Glenn Campbell
    "Co-constructing Competence: Turn Construction & repair in Novice-to-Novice Second Language Interaction"


  • Joanne Close
    "English Auxiliaries: A Syntactic Study of Contraction And Variation"
  • Jonny Butler
    "Phase Structure, Phrase Structure and Quantification"
  • Gareth Walker
    "The Phonetic Design of Turn Endings, Beginnings and Continuations in Conversation"
  • Davita Morgan
    "Objects in Old English: Scrambled, Shifted or in situ?"
  • Haruko Ishikawa
    "A Minimalist Approach to Japanese Multiple Nominative Constructions"
  • Anil Biltoo
    "Language Maintenance and Language Shift in Mauritius"


  • Evi Sifaki
    "EPP Satisfiers: Verb-initial Orders in Greek"
  • Paul Carter
    "Structured Variation in British English Liquids: the Role of Resonance"
  • Melody Clarke
    "Aspect and Polarity"
  • Srija Sinha
    "Extraction Domains and Information Partition in Hindi"


  • Cécile De Cat
    "French dislocation"
  • Luanga Kasanga
    "Task Type, Interaction and Second Language Acquisition. A study of Oral Productions by Zairean EFL Students"
  • Alastair Butler
    "Control and Exhaustification"


  • Elizabeth McCoy
    "Tenseless Clauses, AspP and Subject Case-Licensing"


  • Helen Lawrence
    "Aspects of English: An Examination of Aspect within Past Temporal Reference in Northern British English"
  • Zhongping Zhu
    "Null Arguments in Child Language"
  • Jennifer Smith
    "Synchrony and Diachrony in the Evolution of English: Evidence from Scotland"
  • Stephen Minnis
    "The Prediction of Prosodic Structure from Written Text: Revisited, Reformulated, Re-evaluated"


Theses completed in the 1990s


  • Zara Iles
    "Repair Work: Attending to Talk Adequacy in One-to-One EFL Classroom Talk"


  • Stephen Nicolle
    "Conceptual and Procedural Encoding in Relevance Theory: A Study with Reference to English and Kiswahili"
  • Paul Rowlett
    "Negative Configurations in French"


  • Richard Ogden
    "An Exploration of Phonetic Exponency in Firthian Prosodic Analysis: Form and Substance in Finnish Phonology"
  • Mukul Saxena
    "A Sociolinguistic Study of Panjabi Hindus in Southall: Language Maintenance and Shift"
  • Guobin Wu
    "A Discourse Structural Approach to Anaphora in Chinese"


  • Hilary Gardner
    "Doing Talk about Speech: A Study of Speech/Language Therapists and Phonologically Disordered Children Working Together"


  • Shailjanand Jha
    "Language Maintenance and Bilingualism in Darbhanga"
  • Joga Singh
    "Case and Agreement in Hindi: A GB Approach"
  • Clare Tarplee
    "Working on Talk: The Collaborative Shaping of Linguistic Skills within Child-Adult Interaction"



  • John Coleman
    "Phonological Representations - Their Names, Forms and Powers"
  • Joel Fagborun
    "An Analysis of Linguistic Innovation: Historical and Grammatical Perspectives on English Loan-Translations and the Yoruba Koine"


  • John Foster
    "A Theory of Word Order in Categorical Grammar with Special Reference to Spanish"
  • Julie Bradshaw
    "Rewordings in Dyadic Language Teaching: A study of Lexis. 2vol"
  • Anthea Gupta
    "A Study of the Acquisition and Use of Interrogatives and Questions in the English of Pre-school Chinese Singaporeans. 2 vols"
  • Hermas Mwansoko
    "The Modernization of Swahili Technical Terminologies: An Investigation of the Linguistics and Literature Terminologies"
  • Lengo Nsakala
    "Errors in the Speech of Zairean Students of English: With Special Reference to Rate and Lexical Diversity"


Theses completed in the 1980s


  • Edward Elderkin
    "The Significance and Origin of the Use of Pitch in Sandawe"


  • William Wells
    "Focus in Spoken English"
  • Yang Han
    "A Pragmatic Study of Some Sentence-final and Post-verbal Particles in Mandarin Chinese"
  • Kang Kwong Luke
    "A Conversation Analytic Approach to the Study of Utterance Particles in Cantonese"
  • Jotham Kamanyire
    "Intonation and Tone in Two Bantu Languages of Uganda"


  • Alison Wray
    "Focusing: a Dual Systems Account for the Apparent Hemispheric Lateralisation of Language"
  • Mary Spann
    "Code-Switching amongst Bilingual (Punjabi-English) Nursery School Children: Co-operation and Conflict in Relation to Familiarity"
  • Samuel Obeng
    "Conversational Strategies: Towards a Phonological Description of Projection in Akyem-Twi"
  • Theresa Chisanga
    "An Investigation into the Form and Function of Educated English in Zambia as a Possible Indigenized Non-native Variety"


  • Kasefu Kazadi-Mukenge
    "An Investigation of Code-mixing: Exemplified from Swahili and French"
  • Abdulmunim Al-Nasser
    "Sibawayh the Phonologist"


  • Kabuya Nkulu
    "Alternative Grammatical Analyses of Zairean Copperbelt Swahili: Some Refutations and Phrase Structure Proposals"
  • Pat Ndukwe
    "Planning for Standard Varieties in Two Nigerian Languages"
  • Latilla Woodburn
    "The Communicative Function of Humour: A Study of Smiling and Laughter in the Pre-verbal Child"


  • Michael Lumsden
    "Syntactic and Semantic Properties of Existential Sentences"
  • Terence McKay
    "Infinitival Complements in German: lassen, scheinen and the Verbs of Perception"
  • Mark Sebba
    "The Syntax of Serial Verbs"
  • Joanna Channell
    "Vague Language: Some Vague Expressions in English"
  • Kit-ken Loke
    "A psycholinguistic study of shape features in Chinese (Mandarin) sortal classifiers"


  • Kean Gibson
    "Tense and Aspect in Guyanese Creole: A Syntactic, Semantic and Pragmatic Analysis"
  • Jung Chang
    "An Examination of Aspects of Modern Theories and Practice of Foreign Language Teaching and Their Applicability to English Language Teaching in China"


  • Shahin Owrang
    "A Linguistic Analysis of New Lexical Items in Persian"
  • Bello Salim
    "Linguistic Borrowing as External Evidence in Phonology: The Assimilation of English Loanwords in Hausa"
  • Margaret Maclure
    "Making Sense of Children's Talk: Structure and Strategy in Adult-child Conversation"


  • Paul Meara
    "Syntactic Structure and Its Effects on Performance in a Second Language"
  • Jamal Abdulla
    "Some Aspects of Language Purism among Kurdish Speakers"


Theses completed in the 1970s


  • Stephen Lubega
    "The effect of the nature and amount of exposure on language learning: a study based on the English language proficiency of students in six Ugandan schools."
  • Rama Kant Agnihotri
    "The processes of assimilation: a sociolinguistic study of Sikh children in Leeds."
  • Joan Russell
    "A sociolinguistic study of a Swahili-speaking community in Mombasa."


  • Hubert Devonish
    "The selection and codification of a widely understood and publicly useable language variety in Guyana, to be used as a vehicle of national development."
  • R Gupta
    "A sociolinguistic study of the use of mixed Hindi-English in metropolitan Delhi."


  • Walter Edwards
    "Sociolinguistic behaviour in rural and urban circumstances in Guyana."
  • Anne Baker
    "Parallel studies in first and second language acquisition in German."


  • Eli Wesana-Chomi
    "Subordinate adverbial clauses in English and Swahili: a descriptive-comparative study."
  • Pushpakumara Premaratne
    "Some aspects of the Vanni dialect of Sinhalese as contrasted with the dialect of the western region of Sri Lanka."


  • Ruth Mukama
    "A comparative analysis of some features of transitivity in Bantu languages with special reference to Kiswahili and Lugwere."
  • Kaluwachchimulle Mahanama
    Some aspects of Bhartrhari's linguistic theory as represented in the Vakyapadiya."
  • Colville Young
    "Belize Creole: a study of the Creolized English spoken in the city of Belize, in its cultural and social setting.
  • Nicolas Hawkes
    "The written English of Ghanaian primary six pupils in relation to their exposure to English as a medium of spoken instruction."
  • Adikary Abhayasinghe
    "A morphological study of Sinhalese."


  • John Green
    "The reflexive-passive relationship in Spanish."
  • Vennelakanti Prakasam
    "A systematic treatment of certain aspects of Telugu phonology."
  • Donald Winford
    "A sociolinguistic description of two communities in Trinidad."


  • Prajapati Sah
    "A generative semantic treatment of some aspects of English and Hindi grammar."
  • Elaine Wijasuriya
    "A sociolinguistic study of some speakers in a contact situation in Malaysia."


  • Anil Sinha
    "Predicate complement constructions in Hindi and English."


Theses completed in the 1960s


  • Jamal Abdulla
    "Diglossic bilingualism in Iraq."
  • Pauline Christie
    "A socio-linguistic study of some Dominican Creole-speakers."


  • Hans Dua
    "The verbal piece in spoken Hindi: a morpho-syntactic study."