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Marina Cantarutti

Lecturer in Linguistics



Marina Cantarutti works on Multimodal and Interactional Linguistics using the methods of conversation analysis, gesture studies, and the phonetics of talk-in-interaction for the study of video-recorded data in everyday interaction in English(es) and Spanish(es). Among other research areas, she has worked in the fields of discourse analysis and interactional pragmatics in other kinds of data from institutional settings (radio phone-ins and service encounters). She also has experience in the teaching of English as a second/foreign language, especially in matters of L2 pronunciation.

Marina joined the department in September 2022 as Lecturer in Linguistics after two and a half years as postdoctoral research associate at the Open University. Before that, she completed her PhD in Language and Communication at York (2020). Among other degrees and diplomas, she holds an MA in English Language (2015, Universidad de Belgrano, Argentina) and a first degree in English Language Teaching (2004, ISP Joaquín V. González, Argentina). She has worked as a teaching fellow and lecturer in a number of institutions both in Argentina and the UK, at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, in modules on Phonetics and Phonology, Discourse Analysis, and English Literature and Media.


  • University of York
    2022-to date Lecturer in Linguistics
  • The Open University
    2020-2022 Research Associate
  • University of York
    2016-2020 PhD in Language and Communication 

    Graduate Teaching Assistant (Phonetics and Phonology, English Grammar, Academic English, and Conversation Analysis modules)
  • Universidad de Belgrano (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
    2015 MA in English Language
  • Instituto Superior del Profesorado Dr. Joaquín V. González - ENSLV Sofía B. de Spangenberg - Profesorado del Consudec (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
    2006-2016 Teaching Fellow (Phonetics and Phonology and Discourse Analysis modules).

  • Instituto Superior del Profesorado Dr. Joaquín V. González
    2000-2004 Degree in English Language Teaching

Currently Teaching

  • Multimodality: Language and the Body (L77M)
  • Phonetics and Phonology (L29M)
  • Advanced Topics in Phonetics and Phonology (L13H)

Previous Teaching

At University College London (UCL), UK: Summer Course in English Phonetics (SCEP). Summer 2018 and Summer 2019.

At the University of York, UK:

    • As GTA (2017-2020)
      • The Prosody of English (E/L17H). (Spring and Summer terms 2018/2019; 2019/2020)
      • Articulatory and Impressionistic Phonetics. (Spring 2019/2020)
      • Introduction to Phonetics and Phonology (LC09)  (2017/2018; 2018/2019; 2019/2020)
      • Understanding English Grammar.  (2017/2018; 2019/2020)
      • Spanish Level 1. Languages for All. (Spring and Summer 2017-2018)
  • Department of Sociology: Social Interaction and Conversation Analysis. (2019/2020)
  • Former Centre for English Language Teaching (CELT)
    • University English 2 Pre-Sessional Tutor. (Summer 2018)
    • Departmental English Language (DEL) (Summer Term 2018)

At ISP Dr Joaquín V González – Buenos Aires, Argentina – English Department (2009-2016)

  • Phonetics and Phonological Theories II (“Fonética y Teorías Fonológicas II”, 2009-2016)
  • Laboratory Practice I (“Práctica en el Laboratorio de Idiomas I”, 2009-2016)
  • Phonology at the Lab and its Pedagogy I (“Fonología en el Laboratorio y su Didáctica I”, 2013-2016)
  • Discourse Analysis (“Análisis del Discurso”, 2015-2016)
  • Phonology at the Lab and its Pedagogy II (“Fonología en el Laboratorio y su Didáctica II”, 2013)

At ENSLV Sofía B de Spangenberg – Buenos Aires, Argentina – Translation Programme

  • English Phonology I, A & B (“Fonología I”, 2006-2016)
  • Laboratory III  (May-November 2006)

At Profesorado del Consudec – Buenos Aires, Argentina-  English Department (2007, 2010-2016 )

  • Phonetics II (“Fonética II”, 2010-2016)
  • Lab III and Lab IV (“Laboratorio y su Didáctica I “, “Laboratorio y su Didáctica II en Entornos Virtuales”, 2014-2016)



Marina works on Multimodal and Interactional Linguistics, using the methods of conversation analysis, gesture studies, and the phonetics of talk-in-interaction for the study of video-recorded data in everyday interaction in English(es) and Spanish(es). She is particularly interested in collaborative and polyphonic practices in interaction, including anticipatory completions, choral productions, co-animation (i.e. joint enactments), and interjections. She also studies delicate social activities in conversation, such as gossip and self- and other-deprecation. She focuses on the alignment of vocal and non-vocal behaviour (grammar, lexis, gesture, prosody) in these productions within different turns and sequences. 


  • Co-animation in English interaction, i.e. the joint voicing or re-enactment of the same figure in adjacent sequential positions. I have studied the sequential and multimodal design of these practices and their social consequences. (2016-2022)
  • Responsive Animations: selective B-initiated (re)enactments of A’s prior descriptions/assessments in responsive position, involving gesture and non-lexical vocalisations as well as turns with fully lexico-grammatical formulations. (2018-ongoing)
  • The sequential, prosodic and gestural design of expletives and interjections in interaction. Analysis of the features that make certain expletives and interjections “hearable” as such, in English and Spanish. (2021-ongoing)
  • The Unsaid and the Unsayable in Interaction. A multimodal interactional linguistic approach to disclaimers, presuppositions, and (in)discretion in English(es) and Spanish(es). (2022-ongoing)


With Beatrice Szczepek-Reed: glottalisation and vowel linking across TCUs in English.

With Prof. Rosina Márquez Reiter (PI):

  • Service encounters in intercultural contexts: the case of the Mostenses market and the “Latin American triangle”. Exploring the interactional functions of speech particle “vale” in a restaurant setting. (collaborator, 2020)
  • Construction of morality in public interaction spaces in a pandemic. Studies of public morality around Covid-19 social distancing amd mask-wearing guidelines in the UK. Multi-data project. (co-investigator, 2020-oingoing)
  • Ambulant sales in the Global South. Studying ambulant selling in Buenos Aires, Argentina (collaborator, 2021-ongoing)
  • With Prof. Lucía Rivas: Prosodic configurations of speech genres from a DI and SFL perspective. Description of systematic organisational and prosodic patterns in narrative and instructional discourse. (2012-2016)

External activity

External activity


  • International Phonetic Association (IPA)
  • International Society for Conversation Analysis (ISCA)
  • CORE-ILCA (Community of Early-Career Researchers in Conversation Analysis and Interactional Linguistics


  • Member of the Publications Committee (ISCA, 2022-ongoing)
  • Website committee CORE-ILCA (2021)
  • Coordinator of PronSIG (Open University, 2020-2022)
  • Co-founder and coordinator of Remote Data Sessions project (ISCA, 2017-2020)
  • Coordinator of the study group on phonetics of talk-in-interaction for CORE-ILCA (Spring 2021)

Invited talks

  • Invited speaker for plenary panel: Publishing EMCA Research. Digital Meeting for Conversation Analysis. October 2022.
  • One URL, one site to curate it all: Academic websites. Workshop as part of the Development Workshop series “All eyes online: curating an academic digital presence” organised by Gonzalo Andrade and Hannah King for the British Association for Applied Linguistics (BAAL). November 2021.
  • The Multimodal Design of Co-Animation in English Interaction. Presentation at the Bremen-Groningen Online Workshops in Multimodality June 2021.
  • Phonetics as a resource for solving participant problems in interaction: Evidence from collaborative productions in English. Invited presentation at UCL Language and Cognition seminar. May 2021.
  • A multimodal approach to the study of phonetics as a resource for managing participant problems in interaction: Opportunities and challenges. Invited presentation for the Aarhus SLS group. April 2021.
  • Aportes del análisis conversacional al estudio de las prácticas colaborativas en la interacción social. Open lecture at the Facultad de Filosofía y Humanidades, Universidad Austral de Chile. Organised by Dr. Katherina Walper G. for the postgraduate module “Análisis Conversacional Multimodal”. October, 2020.
  • Co-animation and association in English interaction: jointly ‘doing being’ others to interactionally define joint Selves. Open presentation at the Centre for Advanced Studies in Language and Communication. University of York. October 2020.


Contact details

Marina Cantarutti
Lecturer in Linguistics
Department of Language and Linguistic Science
University of York
YO10 5DD

01904 32 6403