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Safezone Desktop

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About SafeZone Desktop

About the software

SafeZone Desktop is a personal security application that makes it easy for you to alert Security. There's also a mobile phone app. When an incident occurs, a SafeZone app user can send a real-time geo-located alert to the whole response team. If working after hours, users can choose to Check-In for maximum protection from the Security team.

The Health, Safety and Security Department provide more information about using SafeZone.

Obtaining the software


SafeZone Desktop is not installed on Classroom PCs or available for home use. Students can install the mobile app.


Managed PCs

SafeZone Desktop is installed on managed machines via Software Center.

Unmanaged machines

Unmanaged PCs can obtain SafeZone Desktop installation file from Once installed, you log in using your University email address. When you first run it, you'll need to sign up, enter some details and create a password.

Mobile devices

You can install the mobile app on your phone.