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About MindGenius

About the software

MindGenius enables you to capture and visualise ideas and information using a range of 'mind map' layouts. You can:

  • navigate and arrange content using a hierarchical outline
  • assign properties such as categories, resources or actions to 'branches' enabling the map to be filtered and regrouped
  • use colour and images to emphasise, group and differentiate elements of the map
  • link to files, web pages or other maps and associate formatted notes with 'branches' of the map
  • export maps and notes to ready-formatted documents such as structured Word documents or PowerPoint presentations
  • create question sets to provide a framework for meetings and facilitate planning and brainstorming
  • convert maps into slides and prepare interactive presentations
  • manage projects using the Gantt view/Project Mode

Note: MindGenius Project Mode provides a range of project management tools including the ability to schedule and resource tasks, link tasks and monitor critical paths, manage status and report overall progress.

MindGenius is installed on all IT Services classroom PCs and is available for all other University and personally owned staff and student PCs.

A Map Viewer and MindGenius for iPad are available as free downloads.

For more information, please see the Obtaining the software tab.

Obtaining the software

Classroom and managed office PCs


  • is installed on all IT Services classroom PCs
  • can be installed on managed office PCs via Software Center
  • appears under Start | All Programs

Unmanaged PCs and home use


  • is available for all staff and students
  • can be installed on unmanaged University owned PCs and personally owned devices
  • is available for Windows only

Installation files

MindGenius can be downloaded and installed from the following location:

Older versions can be downloaded from the following location:

Licence code

A licence code is required to activate MindGenius:

Additional free downloads

MindGenius Viewer is available from the MindGenius website. This allows maps to be viewed by those who do not have access to the full MindGenius program.

MindGenius for iPad is available from the App Store.

Documentation, training and support


  • The MindGenius Help menu includes First Steps for New Users and a range of How To/User guides for all functionality. In the application, choose Tools | Help | Help Contents
  • MindGenius 4 Features List (PDF)
  • MindGenius 5 Features List (PDF)
  • MindGenius 5 User Guide (PDF)
  • The MindGenius website provides a range of support information including suggested use for tasks such as brainstorming and information gathering, planning presentations and essays or managing projects


The following learning materials are provided by MindGenius: