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Click on the tabs below for information about EndNote Desktop and Endnote Online.

About EndNote

About the software

EndNote provides tools to:

  • Collect and organise references retrieved when searching online resources
  • Generate bibliographics lists
  • Insert and format in-text citations and reference lists in Microsoft Word

EndNote Desktop is installed on IT Services managed PCs and is available for all other University and personally-owned staff and student PCs; see the Obtaining the software tab.

Obtaining the software

Obtaining the software


EndNote is installed on all IT Services classroom PCs. It appears under Start.

Managed PCs

To install EndNote on computers managed by IT Services, follow these steps:

  1. From the Start Menu search for and open Software Center
  2. Locate the software under the Available Software tab
  3. Click on the Install button in the lower right

Once installed it appears under Start.

Unmanaged PCs and home use

All staff and students can install EndNote on unmanaged University-owned PCs and personally-owned devices, including PCs, Macs or Windows tablets.

If you are installing Endnote on a recent Mac computer that has the new 'M1 processor', you may also need to follow steps on this guide from Endnote support to ensure that Endnote can open.

Licence code

A licence code is required to activate EndNote.

An enhanced version of EndNote Online is also available to staff and students, free of charge. Please see the EndNote Online page.

Documentation, training and support




EndNote Online

EndNote Online is available to anyone, but members of the University of York qualify for a free, enhanced account. 

Once you have registered to use EndNote Online, you can access it from anywhere with a computer connected to the Internet.

How to register

To register you will either need to be on a campus PC or use the Virtual Desktop Service to access a virtual Windows 10 desktop which acts like a campus PC.

  1. On a campus PC or using the VDS, go to

  2. Choose Register and sign up using your University email address

  3. Complete the registration form, making sure that you read the Password Rules before choosing a suitable password (for security reasons, do not use your UoY password).

Note: To check you have the enhanced version, go to the person icon in the top right hand corner of EndNote Online, choose Account | Subscription. An enhanced account should show ‘Web of Science’ under ‘Account’, with an expiration date of when you’ll need to log in again from a campus PC to keep the enhanced account.

With an enhanced account, you should see York specific styles such as UoY - Harvard when you go to Format | Bibliography and view the bibliographic style list.

Enhanced account troubleshooting

If you do not have ‘Web of Science’ under the Account Information and you do not see the UoY styles, try logging in from a campus PC or through the VDS. You can also try accessing Web of Science through the University subscription and then choose the EndNote tab at the top of the screen to access EndNote Online. See EndNote’s list of ways you can register for an EndNote Online account for more details.

Expiry of EndNote Online enhanced accounts

After you have left the University, the account will be 'downgraded' to a Standard account, but none of your data will be lost in the process.