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Survey tool: Qualtrics

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Qualtrics is a survey tool that makes it quick and easy to design your own surveys.

It's useful for creating research surveys and general purpose surveys.

Sign in to Qualtrics »

(Using your University username and password)



The University has a site licence for Qualtrics, allowing all staff and students to use it. 

Qualtrics gives you the option to:

  • write your own questions
  • use pre-written questions from a large question library
  • include a File Upload option (for non-confidential data) in surveys

You can host your survey through Qualtrics and quickly and easily produce reports.


Setting up your account

  1. Go to
    • Please note, you must use this link, and not
  2. Sign in with your University username and password.
  3. Select I don't have a Qualtrics account.

Your account will then be automatically created for you.

Using Qualtrics

Bulk export survey results

The Teaching & Learning team have made available their tool for those more comfortable with using Qualtrics and who need to export the results of multiple surveys at once. Here is a link to the Qualtrics bulk export tool.

Help & troubleshooting

If you are experiencing any problems, please refer to the Qualtrics Support page.

If you need to raise a support issue you will need to contact Qualtrics support directly.

When raising a support issue, you will be directed to a login page.

  1. Click 'Sign in with SSO'
  2. When prompted for the 'Organization ID' enter 'york', then click 'Continue'
  3. Log in with your university username and password. When entering your username, please use the abc500 format.
  4. Click on the relevant support request option to raise a support ticket.

Our commitments

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Support is available from Qualtrics:

  • 24 hours, Sun 10pm to Sat 1am
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Our service standards have been produced in consultation with our customers, and monitor the quality, timeliness and access to facilities and services:

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Complaints procedure

If you wish to give us general feedback on this service, please see our Feedback page for ways to get in touch.

If you wish to make a complaint, please see our complaints procedure.

You can also email Qualtrics.

Your responsibilities

You must only use University of York branded surveys for University-related work. The University of York brand should not be used for non-University business.

If you use the File Upload option in your survey, be aware that this feature does not support uploading of files that contain sensitive or confidential data, and you should actively discourage respondents from uploading any sensitive or confidential data.