York Print Plus for students

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York Print Plus is available in IT classrooms, study areas and the Library buildings.

The service offers:

  • colour, A4 and A3 printing and copying
  • print, copy and scan facilities on all the devices

To print from a machine in a classroom or study area, simply send your work to the printer PrintCloud, and then log in and collect it from any York Print Plus device. If you're using your own device, you'll need to add the print queue the first time that you want to print - see the set up guides below for instructions. We also offer ePrint, which allows you to email your documents to print, or upload them via a webpage.

Check how much credit you have, top up online using a debit/credit card, and check your print jobs.

Your printing account »

On campus users only. Off campus users will need to connect through the VPN to view this page.

Charges & payment

 Black & whiteColour
Single sided

A4 - 5p
A3 - 10p

A4 - 15p
A3 - 30p
Double sided A4 - 9p
A3 - 18p
A4 - 29p
A3 - 58p

Top up your printing account:

  • with a debit or credit card via your print account
  • with cash using a self-service kiosk
  • with cash (up to £5) at the King's Manor Library Help Desk

You can find the kiosks in the following locations:

  • University Library (Morrell and Fairhurst buildings)
  • Ron Cooke Hub

Any unused credit will not be refunded.

Any operational excess will go towards improving the service.

Please note: York Print Plus credit is for use on York Print Plus devices across campus. This does not include devices in the Design and Print Solutions shop in Market Square.

Watch our video guide on how to top up your printing account:

Estimated price vs actual price

Because we give you a discount for printing duplex, the charging system can be quite complex for print jobs that include, for example, a mixture of black & white and colour sheets.

York Print Plus will estimate how much it thinks your job is going to cost, to ensure you have enough credit available in your account before the job is printed. This estimate is sometimes more than you actually end up paying, but you must have at least the estimated amount in your account before you can print.

Even one dot of colour means you'll be charged for a full sheet of colour

You only pay the colour rate for pages that actually contain colour. This means you can send a mixed document (some black & white, some colour pages) to print, and not be charged the higher colour rate for every page.

However, the printer will detect ANY colour on the page. So if your page has, for example, a blue hyperlink, or a green full stop, you'll be charged the colour price for that page.

Printing colour and black & white in the same document

When you print a mixed document, the charging can be a little confusing. Although we have a standard price list (see above), the actual breakdown of charging can be a little difficult for you to work out.

Here are a couple of examples that may help:

Print job 1

Total number of  A4 pages: 29
Double sided: No
Colour: Yes
Black & white pages: 1 single sided page (1 page x £0.05 = £0.05)
Colour pages: 28 single sided pages (28 pages x £0.15 = £4.20)

Total job price: £4.25

Print job 2

Total number of A4 pages: 46
Double sided: Yes
Colour: Yes
Black & white pages: 15 sides printed double sided (7.5 pages x £0.09 = £0.675)
Colour pages: 31 sides printed double sided (15.5 pages x £0.29 = £4.495)

Total job price: £5.17 

If you have any questions or concerns, contact the Library & IT Help Desk.


All of the multifunction devices (MFDs) can print, copy and scan.

You can print and copy in black and white A4 on all the devices, and some are also capable of colour and/or A3. All devices offer colour scanning.

Information for wheelchair users

Some devices are available with features to aid wheelchair users, including tilting screens (available on all student devices) to enable you to print, and lower devices to allow copying and scanning access.

There's an A4/A3 colour printer, which is accessible to wheelchair users, in the Library: it's on the ground floor of the Morrell Building, near the Library and IT Help Desk.

Table of locations and features

This list shows devices provided by IT Services. Departments also have their own devices, some of which are in public areas and available to students - staff in your department will be able to advise.

Location Colour A3
Alcuin - A/EW/004 Yes -
Derwent - D/L/050 Yes -
Derwent - D/N/016 Yes Yes
Derwent - D/N/114 - Yes
Halifax St Lawrence LRC  Yes Yes

Goodricke General Common Room
(restricted access)

Yes -
James - G/N/022  Yes Yes
James - G/N/169  Yes -
King's Manor Library  - Yes
King's Manor common room Yes -
King's Manor K/120 Yes Yes
King's Manor G/015 Yes -
Law & Management atrium Yes -
Library - JB Morrell ground floor Yes Yes
Library - JB Morrell ground floor
(Key Texts)
- Yes
Library - JB Morrell 1st floor (x2) - Yes
Library - JB Morrell 2nd floor (x2) Yes Yes
Library - Harry Fairhurst ground floor - Yes
Library - Harry Fairhurst 1st floor Yes Yes
Library - Harry Fairhurst 2nd floor - -
Ron Cooke Hub - Atrium Yes Yes
Ron Cooke Hub 1st floor - Yes
Spring Lane Building 2nd floor Yes -
Vanbrugh - V/N/058 Yes -
Wentworth - W/N/036  Yes Yes

Set up guides


All University staff and students can use York Print Plus to print, copy and scan.

Some departments may restrict access to their devices.

Visitors can photocopy in the Library.

You can print to York Print Plus from:

How to add the York Print Plus printers:

Note: If you're using a Chromebook, tablet, or mobile phone, you won't be able to add the York Print Plus printers - you can use the ePrint service to send your work to print instead.


EPrint lets you email or upload documents, giving you an easy way to print from tablets or mobile phones to the University printers.

Email documents to: ypp-eprint@york.ac.uk

(from your University email account or a registered email account)

Upload documents at: https://ypp-eprint.york.ac.uk

(from on campus, or off campus via the VPN)

For full details, please see:

How to...

When you print, your work will automatically print in black and white and duplex. The videos and articles below provide information on how to print and copy in colour, as well as other common tasks:




If you have any questions or problems, please contact the Library & IT Help Desk.

If you wish to leave feedback, you can do so by completing a comments card in our IT classrooms and study areas, or via the Feedback page.

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